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(Commission) Selling: digital portraits and gouache paintings


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Hello! I'm an artist who loves drawing animals, fantasy creatures, and gay stuff, and I'm looking to get started doing furry commissions :)

I will draw or paint almost anything! Furry, fanart, pet portraits, people portraits... You name it, I will try to make your wish come true.

I WILL take NSFW or fetish commissions, but I will only draw mature characters for mature content.

Styles and Pricing:

1. Digitally colored ink drawing, delivered as PDF

pp big dreams 4 copy.jpg
pp witch copy.jpg

File size: 8.5x11", 400dpi
Price: $30usd for 1 character, simple background, $10 per additional character (up to 4), $5 background details

2. Gouache painting on watercolor paper

Size: I usually work with 9x12 but I'm happy to accomodate other sizes, just message me :)
Price: $50usd for 1 character (standard size paper - price negotiable for other sizes), $10 per additional character, $5 background details, $5 shipping (shipping to US only, sorry)

How it Works:
  • You send me a message detailing what you want and any reference images you want me to use
  • Once I accept your request, you will need to pay half of the cost upfront - I can accept payment through venmo or paypal
  • Within 1 week, I will send you a sketch for your approval
  • You get back to me with any notes you have
  • Within 1 more week, your art will be finished!
  • I will send you an image of the finished product, at which point the second half of payment is due
  • For PDFs, once second half of payment is received I will email you the file
  • For paintings, once second payment is received I will post the painting and email you a tracking receipt