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Digital/ Vector/ Line design


New Member
Hey everyone. I'm looking for a vector or digital design of a Phoenix and a Cats paw. It'll be used for personal use. I want to use it to make a stencil to etch the design into some wood for my partners birthday. Attached are some picture ideas.

Budget: Max $35
Content: Phoenix and Cat paw
Style: Simplistic so I can make a stencil.

Reference pictures:

Basic concept of what I want:
-Preferably have the cats paw be more distinct/less "hips don't lie" look of the phoenix.


I could help you out if you'd like.
I can do a vector for 20$, feel free to PM me here or send me a note to my FA if you're interested!

Here are a few samples of vector drawings I've done:

thank you for your time!


For $20 I can do the vector with .ai, .eps, and .png, and we can go back and forth to make sure it's exactly how you want it to look.

Here's some of my previous professional logo work with the processes:

(Ignore white spots, the uploading process kinda borked the images, which are taken from my portfolio site, which is >>HERE<<)