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Digitigrade Legs


Does anyone know any ways to get better at drawing digitigrade legs on characters? Or do they have any refs? I kind of stink at it right now ^^;


Dris, I'm new in town
When I was starting to figure it out, I found that looking at the bone structure and at stilts helped me?
like these wolf stilts are a great way of showing the layout of the leg and what each part does. I think after that it's all about figuring out what lengths for each part hit your style sweet spot

I believe in you, though! after you conquer legs there's nothing holding you back


Art Cookie
Here’s a quick scribble showing the basic underlaying anatomy/guides for digitigrade legs & feet.

Digitigrade legs have all the same bones & joints as plantigrade legs, with the main difference being that they walk on their toes (“digits”) instead of the entire foot & heel like humans do. The exact anatomy will depend on the base animal type, but for the most part the underlaying anatomy will be more or less the same.


The single best way to improve is to look up photo references of the base animal you want to draw & make lots of loose gestures & practice sketches. Otherwise just keep drawing!

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
I lean more on plantigrade legs(but hybrid, to be precise) nowadays, cuz I suppose it's easier!

Anyways, that's not the topic--When I gotta draw digitigrade legs, I focus on either one of two things: A) Should I make it 'look' more natural as an artwork?(aesthetic purpose) Or B) should I consider physics? (Especially and mostly, the center of mass thing)

In my humble opinion, when either A or B are fulfilled per your own analyzation, it's good to go! It's even better if you can do both A and B, as well! UwU

Otherwise, if you want to dig more into realistic design, maybe consider and decide what kind of length, thickness etc are 'best'! This one, however, is not universal, so...
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