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Dino's Digital Art Commissions! (TF, flats, chibis, paintings, icons, etc,)!

Please NOTE or PM me on:
Deviantart: dinoPharaoh on DeviantArt
Furaffinity: Userpage of thedinopharaoh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


Here's my price sheet with all the information:

Status: OPEN


Can be commissioned in any commission style except icons.

-Human to animal/creature/antho/furry and the other way around.
-Feral to anthro/human and the other way around.
(These are the only options).

The sequence depends on what type of commission style you'd like. I usually put 5 steps into the sequence but there can be less per request.
Min 3.
Max 5.

These are 5 sequence transformation prices depending on the commission style:
Sketch sequence: $50
Lineart sequence: $75
Flat colored sequence: $100
Cell shaded sequence: $150
Painted sketch sequence: $125
Painted sequence: $250

-Paypal: I send invoices! Please make sure to include your paypal when requesting a commission!
-Send me a NOTE Note so we can discuss the commission further. Please try to include everything in one message
if I agree to it in order to avoid any confusions on my part and to keep the notes as sorted as possible.
If you prefer to discuss the commission via email, please write to idinopharaoh[at]gmail.com

-You can pay in two parts and in any currency! Make sure the amount sent is correctly converted.
-You can pay at any given time. Please make sure the payment is received fully before the final upload.

-Max 2 types of commissions per person on the same day! You can request more commissions once I'm done with the previous ones!
-You are allowed to request proccess images at any stage of the commission.
-You can request a speedpaint video.

-In case you're not satisfied with the art you recieve from me, you can request a re-draw or a half refund. Please make sure to do so before the art is finished!
-changes can be made on the sketch stage.
-Finished paintings will be uploaded to all my social sites unless requested otherwise.
-Full-sized paintings can be sent via e-mail per request.
-Traditional commissions will be packaged and sent to your adress per request.

What I love drawing the most:
-humans, hybrids, lizards, dragons, dinosaurs, humanoids, pharaohs, anthros, demons, wings, hands, reptile tails, jewelry, hats, hair, hands, shoes, clothes <3

Will draw:
-humans, anthro/furry, animals (all types), robots, fantasy/mythology and creatures, fanart (any kind), tasteful nudity, romance, kissing, dynamic poses, action scenes, screencap redraws, anime, weapons, gore, lgbtq+,
muscles, death scenes, tattoos, piercings, sexual innuendos, babies-cubs, hybrids, zombies, dragons, monsters, transformations (humans to creatures/animals only!!) ect.

Won't draw:
-pornography, other fetishes, overly sexualized furries, bondage (unless minimal), offensive imagery, vore, necrophilia, bestiality, vomit and other body fluids, furry fetishes, politics and anything political, pregnancy, bdsm, ect.


Feel free to ask more questions in the comments bellow!