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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) Dino's Feral Commissions (Exclusive Holiday YCH Inside!)


I am just a dog on the internet (wow!)
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Special Offer - LIMITED Holiday Canine YCH
holiday ych 2021 ad half rez.png
$40 USD individually, or save $10 if you claim both at the same time!
Can be different characters (if you buy both). Once they're sold, they're gone! No more of this same YCH will be sold.
This product is available exclusively on Artconomy!​

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Want to see more? Visit my gallery on Furaffinity!

Where to commission:
  • Artconomy (Uses escrow system with Stripe or PayPal Invoice)
  • Ko-fi (Uses PayPal)
  • Artistree (Each order plants a tree!)
Please see those listed pages for my available slots! It automatically updates based on my current orders, and so much more accurate. More often than not my commissions are open though. If you want a type of commission that isn't listed, feel free to contact me through Artconomy or Ko-fi, or through Discord at Dinocanid#6171, and we can discuss a quote.
I'm also available for large-batch or long-term work! This includes game assets, book illustrations, and any other type of "project" work. Contact me and we can work out pricing.

  • I am a feral artist! This means that human(oid)s or anthros (excluding anthro busts/heads) are not commissions I can do.
  • I will not draw a character belonging to another user unless you can provide evidence that it is allowed or it is for a gift.
  • You are not allowed to remove the watermark, claim you drew the image, or resell the image.
  • I do not support NFTs, and will not draw them for you.
  • No refunds.
  • Price may vary depending on character complexity. Feel free to contact me for a quote if you feel this applies to your character.
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