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Disable User Submissions from New Submissions


I've been thinking it would be an awesome new feature if I could choose which users' submissions I want to see on my New Submissions page. After watching/befriending a lot of users, I'm finding it difficult to find artwork that I really like on my new submissions page, which causes me to often scan and overlook the art I'd really like to view.

The only solution to this currently is to stop watching the users whose art I don't want to see. But that means a connection or friend lost, and I won't be able to keep up with, say, their journals if those really interest me. Or if I only want to view their artwork once and a while, I have no way of finding them again if they're not in my watchers list.

It would be great if there was a friends list I could add people to. Or even better, an option on a user's page to get updated on their activity as they submit things. I don't mean to seem stingy or anything, but it does remove from the whole user experience, and causes a lot of art and potential sales/views to be overlooked.


New Member
Seconded. I guess it would also improve site performance if the system didn't have to collect new submissions.
Same goes for journals: I never read these unless they're from my absolute favourite artist.


Staff member
I like this suggestion. There was another site that would allow you opt in to certain content the user would post. It would probably be easier to add a "friend" option.

In the meantime, what I do on my art/main account is have a journal with all my friends linked: www.furaffinity.net: Favorite Artists & Friends -- Jansither's Journal

While we don't have a friends/selective watching function as of yet (and that's not to say that we ever will have one, I don't mean to get your hopes up), something like that could lend useful.

Thanks for the suggestion! It will be considered.