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Discord invites and shitpost category?

Should it be added?

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Moar Krabs

Aight boys
An improvement that Fur Affinity could do would be adding a new category to this site. 3 new things would be added. A new category with 2 new places to post. A place to post Discord invites to furry servers and a place to shitpost. I think this would be a great way to get more people interested in coming here and checking in more often. They probably won’t add this, but if you’re reading this and are part of the staff, please take this into consideration.
(Note: the category’s are the yellow things when you click on Home. They tell you what the following places to post are about.)
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Don't see it hurting, this forum does need quite some organization and those two things would help.


petit trou du luke
this forum will not have these, it's not even maintened by mods anymore , but there still hope