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(Commission) Selling: Discount Experimental Wing-it Commissions! $5-20


Staff member
I really wanna work on doing some experimenting and figured I could offer these up for this weekend!

To be clear, and so you know (kinda) what to expect, I will be experimenting with coloring/shading/lighting techniques AND bits of my anatomy. It will still be around what I offer now so you're not blindsided, but also different. You won't get a hack job.

These will all have some sort of shading and will vary in style. I will likely not provide any WIP after sketch approval unless I have questions.

If you have anything that you absolutely do not want to see your character drawn doing, please put it in Additional Details. I won't do fetishes.

Headshot $5
Bust $10
Thigh Up $15
Full Body $20

Please fill out the form here: forms.gle: Jansither's Commissions

Let me know if you have any questions!