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Price Guide (NSFW) // ToS
Hey guys! I'm doing a quick special on full scenes so that I can fluff up my portfolio. Usually priced $90+, I'm hoping to take on up to three full scene commissions for August. Though I'm open for several types of commissions right now, this listing is for full scenes – pieces with a complex background and atmosphere.
Anything goes, including NSFW and fetishes, with no additional character charge or limit.
Details below~

Click here for an 18+ example

(it's also my favorite piece right now – please check it out!)

gay8s boner copy SFW.jpg

1499361023.squidboner_gay8scover.jpg Gryph Squidbonersmall.jpg Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 7.44.42 PM copy.jpg Turnbull Final Smalleditsfw.jpg

What will/won't you draw?
Honestly, there isn't a lot that I won't do – NSFW, most kinks, ect. are fine by me. The only time I've ever needed to refuse a commission was when there was something that I just didn't understand enough to do, such as fanart for a series I'm not familiar with. So basically:

NSFW, SFW, BDSM, vore, gore, candy gore, orgies, most fetishes, watersports, I guess I could attempt to draw scat if you really wanted me to, sequential pieces/transformations, ferals...


Try me. Seriously, I've been taking furry commissions for almost a decade, across the internet. My only hard boundary is that I won't do anything transphobic, racist, or pedophilic.

How long will it take?
Things are going pretty quick! Even the more detailed pieces are taking less than a week or two to make. For these, they will be completed some time within the month of August.
How and when can I pay you?
I accept two of the major payment services, PayPal and Squarecash. I require a 50% down payment before work begins. The remaining fee is paid upon delivery of the final piece. I will send multiple watermarked process pieces along the way for critique and edits, and will deliver a watermarked version of the final piece. Once the commission is paid in full, I will provide a download of HD files (and PSDs if requested in advance) and a non-watermarked version for personal use only. I allow reposting of my artwork ONLY IF the client posts the watermarked version of the piece, and links back to me.

Hope to hear from you guys soon! Feel free to comment here with any questions, note me on my NSFW FA, or email me: