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Discounted story slots! ABCs of kink!

ABCs of Kink

Good evening lads and ladies!

I’m thrilled to announce, after the closure of the Iron Author discounted slots (which did fabulously!) that I am running a new limited series of discounted slots!

These offer a 20% discount off my usual rates and I am more than happy to be flexible with the slots, for example, if you’d only like a piece of latex lingerie for the Latex slot and not a fully decked out character in head to toe latex. These stories will be super quick turnaround (one week or less for the draft to be sent out to you) pending confirmation of story brief and payment.

Rules and details:

- Each story will be up to 2,000 words in length

- 40 GBP per story

- 2-3 sentence brief/description per story (character details as necessary)

- These stories are short, sweet and kinky!

- Claim as many slots as you like!

- Payment is by PayPal invoice

- Brief and character details to be e-mailed to amethystmare@hotmail.co.uk

- Turnaround of one week or less

- Character edits only

So, what slots do we have on offer this time around? Let’s check them out!


A – Asphyxiation

B – Bondage – TAKEN – Aquilan

C – Cuckolding

D – Dominance

E – Exhibitionism

F – Feral

G – Gloryhole

H – Hyper

I – Inflation

J – Jock

K – Klismaphilia (arousal by enema)

L – Latex

M – Master/Pet

N – Nipples

O – Oviposition (egg laying)

P – Pregnancy (or impregnation)

Q – Quiet Sex (risk of discovery, public place etc)

R – Roleplay

S – Size Difference

T – Tentacles

U – Underwater Sex

V – Vore

W – Whip

X – Xcstasy (pleasure!)

Y – You Choose (open to interpretation – be inspired!)

Z – Zapper (electro-stimulation)

To claim a slot, comment or give me a shout elsewhere! I’ll just need your e-mail address so that I can send you a message for your character details and story brief, or feel free to e-mail me instead straight away.

Contact me:

- PM/note here

- Twitter - @AmethystMare

- Twitter - @arianmabe

- E-mail – amethystmare@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you and hope you guys like these story slots! I’m excited to be running them again!

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