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Discover your fursona


Hi, good afternoon, I'm in need of money, and I had an idea that might be of interest to those who don't have any furson yet, I was thinking of making a list of questions to discover the fursona that best suits you, in terms of race, appearance and personality.

I would be willing to provide this service every night until I gather the amount of money I need for my purpose. My idea is to charge 5US$ for each fursona that we develop together.

Anyone interested can call me here anyway, I hope messages, I can also develop the color palette, and combine hybrids, and if you want a written concept drawing, I still open committees, I can develop from the palette, regarding races, fusions, behaviors and give some tips and pass on my knowledge about that specific species (if I know)

Please seriously, I need to buy my cockatiel back and no one in the last two days has come to me asking for a commission, I need to get it back and they can sell it in the meantime.