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disillusionment, inquiry


Lux Aeterna
Am I furry?
Let me tell YOU, that my hair is just as long as that of my avatar's.

haha... GTFO troll

anyway, we should make a poll... how many people here are furries? it seems the "I'm not a furry, yet I go to a furry site" option will probably win...


back'n up back'n up
I connect to the majority of the fandom but theres probably something out their thats furry that I'm not into.(but I haven't found anything yet)


The Laconic Draconic
I'm very atypical of most furries. I like the art, and I like the porn. Actual communication though, I'm very closed-in.

I've never met another furry IRL. And I don't plan to. I've never been to a Con. And I'll probably only go to one if I'm dragged kicking and screaming. For me, I'm just a very self-contained type of dragoness, and the entire prospect of being surrounded by people who are more affectionate than I am, that scares the crap out of me.


New Member
Oh yes, in several occasions I've found meeting the fur behind the
screen was a total disillusioning experience. Wound up getting
ripped off, bled dry financially and when I complained about being
ill-used, was told to take a hike; but then again, jerks abound


RTL for short (obviously...)
Every group has idiots, every group has great people.

That said, I never had the need to meet someone from the fandom IRL, although I would like to, despite not having the furry mindset... And I do find some threads here creepy ._.


The Oft Mispronounced
I don't know if I really know as much about the furry fandom as some do. If I had the time I'd read (and subsequently memorize) the whole of Wikifur. :3 I should get started on that, actually, because I really do identify strongly with the fandom, and despite a lot of things changing as far as my personal identity goes that's one thing that's always constant. I'm a furry. :D I also want to go to a con as soon as possible (January, in this case), because I'm bitter IRL and I want to go somewhere that I can smile and not have to put up with these idiots. *motions to the rest of my family in the room* Well, one of my parents legally has to come along, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let her follow me around. I can run much, much faster than she can. *evil grin* Anyway... back on topic, I know a bit about the fandom, but not a ton about prominent artists and such, and I feel if I actually knew where to go on the internet then I would be much more integrated. :)


I'm typically unable to connect with anything unless I know the other people (or in this case, furs :3) involved. As for the forums, typically I'm finding many topics unrelated or just kinda weird XD Irl I have two friends that know I'm a furry, I just don't see where as it matters too much. I HAVE things like dog collars and the like to school though but I have yet to find another furry in my area.
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no, ive never had that feeling


Well, if one does not feel themselves connecting to furry subculture and find it creepy(I don't mean a weird fetish because it is a weird fetish, but thinking something in furry is creepy because of furry), one must ask themselves why they are in the subculture in the first place, as the subculture is the logical conclusion of the idea of furry. So if you find the subculture weird, why would you like anything related to furry in the first place?(which is why people who dislike furry, find the art bizzare and disgusting, for example). So if you are a consistent person, you must either be both for the art and the subculture, or agaisnt the art and the subculture. Either you like the idea of furry, or you don't.