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Distinctive Fabrics changing their quality?!


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
So, I buy my luxury shag fur from Distinctive Fabrics. No big deal right? Everyone does it.

I usually use about 1 yard of light pink luxury shag every month or two for stuffed animals. So I buy a lot of it. I've gotten it from them for nearly three years now, and have never had a problem...

then this happened.

A month ago I bought my fur from them as usual, just 1 yard of light pink.

What they sent me was so different from what I was used to getting I thought I should mention it on here for suiters.



The OLD pink is on top- the NEW pink is on the bottom.

You can literally see the backing through the fur at the seams. It's awful. Not only is it several shades lighter than usual, it's thinner, less plush and even the backing is thinner so it's starting to shed constantly and just fall apart.

So fursuiters beware! Get swatches BEFORE you buy 5 yards of your colors to MAKE SURE the quality is the same as what you're expecting.


I just had the same thing happen to me with their hot pink. I ordered it twice from fabric.com and once from DF themselves and the quality was still the same, super sleek/soft but horribly thin. It's funny though, because I have the same color from them from a few months back and it's fantastic.

I'm going to be sending an inquiry/complaint to them, although considering how they treat their fur/customers I doubt it's going to do much good. Fabric empire/mendels apparently gets a different lot of fur though it's the same color, so I'm going to be re-ordering swatches from them to hopefully see if it's still plush enough.