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Dive Bomber's intro.


Lego meus atrox Latin!
Hey. You already know my name because you read the thread name, so, yeah. I'm new to the forums, and decided to make one of these intro threads in the hopes of meeting new friends, or something.

Well, I'm the freaky kid who sits in the corner of your history class. I'm into parapsychology, occultism, spirituality, and basically all the things normal people say does not exist.

Honestly, I'm kinda bad at just talking about myself with no real topic, so if you actually care about getting to know me (which I doubt), just say something to me.

I was always shy and quiet. Creepy, I'm not sure of. Probably. Though it sounds like we would have sat together at the back of the class. Well Unless I couldn't see the board. Am I freaking blind or what!

Occultism and spirituality. Certainly. Oh and conspiracy theories, UFO's, the unsolved mysteries of... unsolved mysteries!

Without sounding like a creeper, your becoming my new best friend. :D


On drugs?
Willkommen in FA forums. I don't actually speak much german, but like the language anyways.
I have an interest in parapsychology and the occult as well, but it seems impossible to find authentic or reputable sources of information in those areas. Torontoghosts: http://www.torontoghosts.org is my prefered resource on the subject but far from being a scientific authority. They at least steer clear of speculation and sensationalizm and focus on factually reporting incidents of hauntings.