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Van the cheesen one

What is this? What is that??
Who of you ever tried their hands on making their own games, be it on their own or with others?
I re-discovered old RPG-maker and Dating-sim projects from eons ago that I never finished and wondered how many on here also have, or if any even pushed through and made a full game?
I remember that things like the RPG-maker were really big a while back, is there anything comparable today?

Firuthi Dragovic

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I tried to do it years ago, back before the makers of RPG Maker even realized it HAD a decent US market. (I think 2003 is the first edition they ever actually sold to US customers and the edition I tried things on was 2000.) And I can tell you right now, I DO NOT have the remnants of those days. Not like I'd want them.

Thing is, the ONLY place where I feel I have good artistic talent is writing. Not art, not sound, maybe not even programming a complete complex system. Given enough cooldown time and a serious interest, I'd be willing to try again with stock assets and the basic system. But that's not how I remember the RPG Maker community behaving. I remember them being a bit... snobbier.

Oh, and my mapping was kinda trash back then. Dunno if it still is or if trying to run tabletop campaigns in roll20 improved my mapping skills even a little bit.

Van the cheesen one

What is this? What is that??
Back then I did not really get into communities or forums in general, I basically just did it with and for friends, so I cannot say much on that account xD
The RPG maker itself I got from a PC-magazine and it was such fun to deconstruct other games to see how they work and such, pleasant memories x3
At the time I did not have a tablet or anything though, which dampened my enthusiasm a bit since it made creating the art for the games a lot more tedious...Sometimes I still feel like giving it a shot again, but now I don't have the time xD


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Not so much into making games but making content for games. Several years spent in the CFG community of the older CoD games, before i learned how to actually write in GSC. Personal utility mods for Minecraft. Currently working on a map for CSGO, as messing around with the Source engine was something I missed out on long ago. I think if that goes well Im gonna look to making content for things like the older Quake and Unreal Tournament games. Maybe even a DOOM Wad. :p