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Do earrings fit my shark's design?

Cendrag Roseheart

The Bartender Everyone Loves

Or should I remove them?


I dig it! I think you should definitely keep them.

Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
One of my OCs who is a shark, have em too! In that sense, yup, I think it works well!

If you're not too sure, then perhaps apply some meanings to the rings? In my case, the size and numbers of the rings indicates the rank of a warrior UwU

Trivia: Such 'warrior' means various anthro fishes within the faction, which means they all get rings for their higher ranks :3
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Just a fox.
Personally, I love them.

But after everyone has said "Yeah, keep them!" you've still had questions about it. So maybe there's your answer! I'm speaking from my own experience. I know sometimes I'll ask opinions and when I still don't like the answers I'm getting, I realize I liked whatever was the other option. But, then I feel conflicted because everyone else disagreed.

Go with your gut!