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Do mythical beings count as furries?



Would creatures like imps, ogres, and faeries count as being "anthro" or "furry?"


Probably not, but they're all still cool regardless :^O


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A lot of furs consider their mythical creations as Furry. I don't see why not, personally. It all depends on how you view them.

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Well, since anthropomorphism is defined as the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-human entities and is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology, I'd say no. Unless these mythical creatures you speak of exhibit all of that.


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I don't think a klingon would approve of being called a furry, not least of all because "rubber forehead alien" type humanoids are generally not considered to be anthropomorphic animals. Provided some amount of anthropomorphism, all else is fair game.
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Mythical creatures in general I count as furries since there are several dragon, unicorn, pegasus, etc. furs in the fandom.

As for the ones you mentioned, maybe they aren't considered furry but are still fantasy characters.


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If they're primarily human/humanoid to begin with I guess they could be discounted as being anthro but, idk. It's not like there's a hard set of rules to the fandom.


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Anthro? So long as they have human like features and/or characteristics then yes. Furry? I don't think so because I'm pretty sure that the creature in question needs to have fur, otherwise they would fall under a different category. Like how reptiles are referred to as scalies as opposed to furries.


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A Furry, I thought, was someone who like Anthropomorphic creatures be it of all types of fantasy creatures.

Seems this thread has me wrong a bit. Hmm. I assumed an Extraterrestrial creature with antennas or or an Ant mouth or something would also count but I guess it just derives as "Fictional creature of mythology".

Maybe mythological creatures that are not / were not Earth-bound creatures wouldn't count as being part of the furry fandom, but there is always a place for them in RP websites. Tag them as "Mythological, Fantasy Creatures RP" or something.

I guess Furries can only be animals with human characteristics instead of something like Extraterrestrials with Animal Parts having human characteristics.

I understand that Humans with animal parts do count as furry and are welcome as furries because they have animal parts to them (Like someone with just a fox tail and fox ears but not wearing a full suit).

Maybe a Treant wouldn't count because it is an Anthropomorphic Tree lol. I can understand that but what if that tree had Bat Wings and Goat Hoofs for some reason and has human characteristics. Animal Parts on a Tree that is Anthropomorphic.

Technically that would be an Anthro but not a furry because it is a tree??

*shrugs* do'h well. I guess I learn something new everyday (=



Only if they're animals. I don't count humanoids into "anthro". To be more specific, anything with a human-like face is out.