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Do you actually bother to learn about your 'species'?


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Not really, but on that note humans are animals too....and looking in our past we really aren't that different than animals. Just with thumbs and reasoning....which could make this worse, or better.


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I personally doubt cats go and read about what others cats do.

So it would also be silly for me to look up things about cats. I do know they're fluffy and like waking people up in the morning.


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That's amazing that you got to have one, most can only dream of seeing one. :]
What was his name?

Erm.. gtfo the fandom then?? Sure would save you a lot of stress. =@w@=

or furries can stop being idiots. derp.


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Sure I know tonnes of stuff about my species! I've been human all my life :D


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My fursona's 'species' is dragon. Basically, you can just make it up as you go, which is what I do. I don't 'identify' with my fursona per se though; she's strictly an avatar.


I do, in fact, I learned about them LONG before I even made my fur(fish?)sona.
And as my fiance says: "Of course I learn about my species, I'm a fucking charmander thank you very much" XD


Well, considering my species isn't really biologically possible...:V

I admit I don't actually know much about snow leopards or wolves, beyond what's common knowledge.
Well...I BELIEVE Mightyena are based off Hyenas. So maybe learning about those might be good?

I think of them as more wolf like with perhaps some hyena hints. They live in a forest environment and have other features that are closer to wolves, I don't like certain types of rl hyenas and so I prefer to think they are closer than wolves than the later. My fursona in particular also is altered to look and act more like a wolf anyway. xp


I read up on all animals. There is an animal encyclopedia in my head. On the topic of velvet worms, I've read scientific articles to understand their skin, know about their social structure and all sorts of other stuff.


We used to have 2 Caracals on a farm in South Africa when I was little, I know more about them than I know about some people in my family >_<
Every bit of information I can find is quickly memorized...


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Yes, long before I joined the community or even knew of its existance, I have about 20 books ranging from things to enclyclopedias, anatomy, behavior as well as a amny Equus magazines and living around horses


I don't even have a clue what species my 'sona is lol. I wouldn't really care for any other reason that explaining what it is to others, I'm just used to calling it a "some kind of fox thing".


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Most of my anthro characters are based on domestic cats, including my fursona. As someone who's owned cats almost my entire life I think I've got research covered. Okay, and I loved animal books as a kid namely about cats and dogs. That helped. I also have one dog character, revived from when I was about ten and all my dog characters looked the same - brown with floppy ears. I actually researched for a specific species before settling firmly on her new design (basenji).

Other anthro characters kinda happen when I hear/see a bit about a species and think "Oooh, neat! I should research and see if they'd be fun to write!" My goat Kenjo, for instance. I wanted something with horns and goats are pretty dang interesting (and smart). Fainting goats anyone? :p


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Does it count if, while I don't have a 'sona, I know more about humans than "they're icky (no, not the raven) planet destroyers and meanies EWWW" (and thus have a good lead over the bottom 10% rung of Furries)?


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I've looked through the behavior of African leopards before I decided on it being my fursona. Except for their solitary behavior and hanging kills on trees, I pretty much fit the bill.