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Do you call people animals, even if they aren't furries?

Well, do ya?

  • lolno

    Votes: 15 30.6%
  • Yes, it's superawesomefuntimes.

    Votes: 2 4.1%
  • No, but that's not a half bad idea!

    Votes: 3 6.1%
  • I only call furries by their designated critter.

    Votes: 5 10.2%
  • It depends.

    Votes: 12 24.5%
  • I just wanna see the poll results! D:

    Votes: 12 24.5%

  • Total voters


"Why would you do that, Kin? D:" Cuz I can and it's fun, yo.

For a while now I have found it comforting to be able to assign people an animal against their will based on their personality or favorite animal and refer to them as such during normal conversation or have sort of RP-like interactions using just critters. I have not had any complaints yet and I only do this to people I plan to keep in my life for a while, though at first some of the unwilling participants have been confused and reluctant to allow me to provide them with an animal. Eventually once they understood that I'm just a tad nuts and sort of awkward socially they played along like good little critters, some even came to enjoy it and initiated said interactions themselves. I have only recently been into the furry community, so all of my previous interactions have been with "normals" who don't think of themselves as or relate to a critter.

Basically the reason I think I do this is simply because I find it easier to relate to any animal, even if I'm not familiar with it or don't like it, than humans. Animals are extremely predictable, humans are not always or have many behaviors to guess at, which is especially hard if it's a new human in my life. That adds a lot of anxiety to friendships for me, because getting close to someone means learning to interact with them on a regular basis without setting things ablaze. Aside from that, I can't draw humans for shit, so when I want to doodle a friend and I together I have to have an animal to represent them alongside my katlikeness.
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What strange poll choices...urgh.

Sometimes, but only when they are acting especially primitive.


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I call one of my m8s "little dog" because he's a foot shorter than me and it makes him mad

but that's about it


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Sometimes people's faces will immediately remind me of a certain animal, but I don't usually voice it, let alone begin referring to them as that animal name....


not unless you count things like "that guy over there, that little... weasely-looking thing" and "you know, the dogface lady".


No need to be rude kids just cuz you find it strange.

And yeah, humans technically count as animals, but that's not exactly what I mean.

Also worth a note I guess that I don't do this IRL cuz I tend to not talk unless I have to.


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Unless you count dog as in "wazzup dawg" then no. A couple friends and I have some silly thing where we call each other "Home dawg skillet". It originated in middle school, and my one friend still uses it. Unfortunately, I have not seen my friends in forever, due to me taking PSEO at the local college.


All humans are hairless destruction monkeys.

Technically they are apes, primarily because they lack tails.....................................sooo........................yeah.


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That is a tad nuts dude, but eh, read my sig :p besides if its a coping mechanism then it's no big deal, however if people seem reluctant to have you impose your quirk on them dont force it.

I /have/ attributed animal characters to my friends at one point, they liked it! If I do it to anyone else it will be in the private of my own mind, and I dont do that often. Im comfortable letting people pick their own traits, its not like its right to impose usually, maybe for fun but eh...


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I've wondered what animals people would be, but that's about as far as it goes. I've had people call me tiger or cat though, like, just playfully in a conversation...

Honestly wouldn't care if a friend did this to me