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Do You Consider Yourself Anthro or Furry?

Do You Consider Yourself Anthro or Furry?

  • Anthro.

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  • Furry.

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  • Both.

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  • Makes no difference to me, I don't define myself as either.

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  • I have no idea what you mean by Anthro or Furr.

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  • You people are evil; it says so in the Bible.

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Is it really necessary to know the difference between furry and anthro? I'll be honest, I thought the terms were interchangeable up until a short while ago..


I don't consider myself either, people tend to label me a furry though, wich is fine I'm used to it.


Both actualy. Im a furry and an anthromorphic

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I consider myself both...but anthro in a realistic sense. I don't think there's people/animals, but I know I myself have more of an animal like personality/mind. I love anthro comics, my fursona is anthro, no matter how badly I draw him. :p I want a fursuit when I can afford one.

So, both.


My view:

Furries are the ones in the fandom, and does not refer to the characters/fursonas themselves.

Anthros are the anthropomorphic animals themselves. I am not an anthro, I am a human.


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Doesn't really matter much to me.

I'm both and neither. If you asked me on the street I'd probably say furry because of how BROAD I consider the term, although I have less anthropomorphic traits fursona-wise than most of the fandom and refuse to call myself 'therian' or 'otherkin' for personal reasons, despite sharing some of the beliefs.

I dunno... maybe 'sentient feral' would be an appropriate term?


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