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Do you eat the same thing every time at restaurants?


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I tend to do that a lot when I go to restaurants because I rarely get a chance to eat out. If there's something on the menu I really LOVE, I'm probably never going to try anything else, or maybe I will make myself try something else and then regret it because I had been lusting over that one thing for weeks. Even thought I eat fast food more often (not like every day or anything), I'll still only have 2 or 3 different things on the menu I'll switch between. I just feel like trying new things is a risk, and especially when you're spending your own money you're much more likely to want to pick something safe that you know for sure you'll enjoy. Yes I do like adventure and trying new things but I have to make a conscious effort to not fall into just eating the same thing forever. But at the same time I think that choice is kind of an illusion. I feel like most restaurants' menus are waaaay too large, confusing, or eclectic (cheesecake factory fits all of those) and I would rather just have a more simple menu, like just a foldout menu like Chinese food places have. If your menu is a book, you're doing it wrong. It shouldn't take me 10 minutes to decide what to eat. Or maybe I'm just weird for thinking the question "what do you want to eat" is one of life's greatest mysteries :V Yeah I get cravings but for the most part I can't ever make up my mind and prefer to have more limited options. I don't exactly make clearly thought-out decisions when I'm hungry, so shut up and just bring me some kind of food, preferably with meat in it.

For me, I'm totally addicted to these clay pot rice dishes at this Pho place. The only thing I'll change is what kind of meat I'll get in it, but they're all amazing. Grilled peppers, broccoli, carrots, saffron rice, and the sauce is so sweet. The vegetables aren't undercooked like they usually are at asian restaurants, despite the fact that it's steamed. They just fall apart in your mouth. I'm totally gonna go eat that now. U mad and hungry now lol


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I think the only place I really change up what I get to eat is Denny's 'cause most of the time, all their food it terrible. :I

But yeah I find that everywhere I go, I get the same thing every time. Even if it's at a sit down restaurant or a fast food place. I get the same thing every day during break at the place I work because I make it myself with a little TLC. I remember one time my dad took me and my ex to Ryan's because he was off of work early. After my second plate he askes "Aren't you bored of getting the same things over and over every time we come here? There is a whole buffet of food and you stick to Mashed Potatoes, fried chicken, Corn, and a Salad...every time man." I just kinda shrugged, I remember saying something smart but I forgot.


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Completely the opposite. Well if the restaurant is any good at least. I'll avoid ordering anything I ate there before to try something new, but if it's just fast food I don't really care.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this. There's this nice Mexican place I always go to, but I only get the pollo asado everytime. I really adore it. (And I'm very picky about the rest of Mexican food in general) They always make so perfect, its really what I go there for.

I don't think its boring to eat the same thing when you visit a restaurant if its what looks best to you. Now if a person wanted to order something else but the ever growing fear of change stopped them, that would be a problem. o_O


My parents (still spending their money for them) will usually note me if they're planning to go to a particular restaurant, usually a few days in advance. It depends on the restaurant but we usually goto the same few, so I'll have a certain favorite that I'll stick to. I'm not one to go on a taste adventure, I'll spend too much time reading the menu and sitting their saying ''No, that's got tomatoes in it... I cannot eat that''.

So I'll just go in, with a good idea of what I'm going to order. If it's Chinese, it's Szechuan.If it's Italian, it's a plain margarita pizza. If it's Indian, it gets a little fussy here since the taste of Indian foods vary so much depending on restaurant, but I usually stick to the Tikka section.

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I like eating what I already know I'll enjoy, so yes.
I hate eating new stuff


Most of the time, I do pick one or two items from the menu that I've always enjoyed in the past because it just works. But even though I still enjoy those said items from a variety of restaurants, lately I have been trying to pick different items, and leaving my "comfort zone" for a little.

I believe that it's not a bad idea to continually try new things. The old stuff is still going to be there, so what's the harm in discovering new foods or experiences (unless it kills you or you really hate it). In addition, one might never know if a new favorite item can be discovered unless you go out there and just try. Hell, even a sample could suffice. If you don't like it, move on and try something else, or return to the staples that you've enjoyed for so long in the past.


Yes and I hate it. I'm always like "X sounds so good but I know I LOVE y...I'll just get y."

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No, I like to try some new stuff.


I only go to Subway to order one type of sandwich. Same thing with other fast food restaurants; I can't stand having something different.


If it something I haven't tried, I am usually going to try it. As long as it seems edible to me.


A lot of it depends on the restaurant for me. I'm vegetarian, so if the restaurant only has a couple of vegetarian options, then I'll be getting the same things when I go there.
I do try to mix it up if I notice I'm being predictable. Variety being the spice of life and all that.

I don't eat out very much anyway though.


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I rarely eat out. When I do, it is usually a White Spot. I like their "Cheddar Bacon Burger" and also the "Monty Mushroom Burger" although sometimes I will get fish n chips. I got the fish this Wednesday past, since I treated my sister to dinner for her birthday. Next time I may try the chicken ciabatta sandwich though.

I kinda wish there was an entree that included calamari though. They only have an appetizer and it is rather big (and $10) and nobody but me likes calamari so it isn't like the table could share it.


I often times get the same couple of meals at a restaurant. I often think something else may taste good, but I usually won't get it. At seafood restaurants, I am more likely to branch out and try things I've never had since I love all kinds of fish. Even then, if there isn't a fish I haven't had then I tend to fall on a nice piece of salmon.


Depends, There is this one restaurant in Avila, California called the Custom House
I always make sure I get their Iced Tea, and their Legendary Calamari (It's sooo good).
As For fast food restaurants...
Meh, I usually get a salad and a sprite from McDonald's :/


Yeah. Most of the time i eat the same thing though I want to try new things and such.

Like when ever I go to del-rio i ask for their del-rio burger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, sweet onions, fried buns, 1/4 pound meat, cheese, bacon and bbq sauce. Its just the best sandwich i have ever eaten and i love eating the same thing there so yeah i do generally.


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Yeah, I don't go out to eat much either (I guess I just like cooking better) but when I do I'll usually get the same thing.


But if you don't try something new, you'll never realize the full potential for disappointment you've been avoiding!

... That said, I generally eat the same thing. But a food allergy really contributes to that a lot. :p