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Do you eat the same thing every time at restaurants?


I will experiment, and if I don't order something new but a friend or family member does, I'll ask if I can try a bit and I might order that the next time if I like it.

I'm also one of those annoying people who insists her friends at least try a bite of some food they don't know, because I don't wanna see people miss out.
I mean, if they tried something and don't like it, that's fair enough and I'll drop it like a hot potato. But you'll never know until you try.


I'm fired up!

there are some dishes that can either be done right or go horribly wrong. so I tend to avoid thoes

my general rule for eating out at a bar and grill "when in doubt, get a burger"


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I tend to yeah, although do try different things sometimes. My view is, if you have a favorite meal, like Steak or Lasagne (couple of mine) trying different places eventually you'll have recommendations and favorite places to eat.

Best one locally is an Italian resturant, and not the kind that does pasta and pizzas, i mean proper bistro style place. The steak is expensive, but oh my god everytime i go there for special occasions i can't resist but choosing it!

The best so far for Lasagne for me was a resturaunt in Belgium on one of our MG shows near Averbode in 2010. Manged to stop there en route to Kobelnz last year, just for a quick snack of course ;)


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I kind of do the same thing. Every time I go to a restaurant I usually order the same thing all the time. The only reason I do this is becuase I dont want to get something I might not like and then have my money wasted on it.

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I have a select few items that I use to test out a new restaurant (with Mexican it's chile rellenos, for example), but if I go to the same restaurant more than once I always get something different. Unless I've gone there so many times I've tried everything, of course. But yeah, no, I tend to go out of my way to try new foods. Not quite Andrew Zimmerman out of my way, but as close as I can manage on a limited budget. Hell, I even do that at the grocery store; if I see a new vegetable or fruit I haven't tried, I'll usually buy it and give it a shot. Most people think I'm strange for trying so many different kinds of food, but in some cases I've helped other people discover things they ended up loving, so I guess there's one function I can serve.
I think I can handle doing that because there really are very few things I legitimately don't like to eat, so even if I get something I'm not super fond of I can still eat it.

Traven V

I do usually eat the same thing but I'm really not a big food eater.


Chances are I'll order something along the lines of seafood or a hamburger, but if I see something that doesn't sound too bad I'll try it. The only thing I can't keep down no matter how much I want to is Chef Boyardee, so I'll live with less than fantastic results.

I guess I feel like the novelty wears off of the same 2-3 dishes quickly even if I don't eat out that much, so finding new things makes me feel better about coughing up the money.

I'm not eating squid, though. No part of anything with tentacles, fuck no.


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No i dnt like to eat same thing everytime at restaurants and m not so addicted about junk foods i like to have some farm fresh vegetables and juice because of am vegetarian.


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Normally not so much unless it's something I'm really picky about then I'll go to someplace I know that makes it well. I always get chicken wings at the same place & go out of my way to go to a corner shop in an Italian neighborhood to get eggplant parmigiana. If the restaurant has a special that normally means it's cheaper & probably better quality then what I can afford so I like specials.


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After going to a restaurant for a while I usually have 2-3 favorite items that I will get pretty much every time.


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If possible, I usually order pancakes/waffles. I love breakfast for supper, and I figure if a place can't make good pancakes or basic breakfast, they won't be able to make a decent steak. Otherwise for the first meal at a new place I always get the same thing so I can have a baseline for the quality and ingredients in the food. After that, I usually experiment.


I think part of my reluctance to try too many new things may be that I'm a bit flavor- and texture-sensitive. I went to Chipotle today and declined all the various sauces and cheeses. I got chicken, rice, beans, tomato/cilantro, corn, lettuce, and peppers, and that's plenty. The kind of meals most restaurants serve are the equivalent of that plus a bunch of extra flavors and textures that muddle the purity of the veggie/meat/rice combo to me.

I hate goopy and crisp-fresh-crunchy together, by the way (it ruins both), which is melted cheese in veggie-filled burrito territory.


Pretty much, I'm a very fussy person. I do switch between the same 2 or 3 items though, it just depends on how often I actually eat out.


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I usually eat the same things, but every now and then I decide to try something else to be adventurous =3


gastronomically adventurous here. Though I have to avoid stuff I'm allergic to. Though, if it's a comfort food day, I'm pretty much going to eat off a short list.


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When I'm feeling adventurous I like to try stuff that's spicy or a nice meat dish, but no tomatoes, red onions, mayo, or bell peppers. They just taste bad to me >.<