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Any furs on here that collect stuff or have some cool stuff around?

I unintentionally collect video game stuff..


I'd have to say that my most prized possession is my Blue "Play It Loud" Gameboy. I live in the US and that color wasn't released here..I stumbled across one randomly on eBay and I just Had to snag that sucka.. I'm so glad I did, it didn't even cost that much and it's fully functional and everything.. :')

What's your most prized possession(s)?

Edit: Might as well post a photo.. :3

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My most prized possession is an old Star Wars storybook, I love it not only because I love Star Wars but because it was given to me by a close friend that committed suicide a year later.
Apparently this was his most prized possession alongside some of his Star Wars collectable cards, he gave them all to me before his death.

Sorry if the story is a bit of a downer.
Here's a pic of the book.


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Huh. I dunno. I have a load of video game consoles and accessories, such as the Virtual Boy, or the Japanese only Twin Stick Arcade controller, things that might have a decent monetary value, but I think my most sentimental possessions are some of my PlayStation & Nintendo games cause big pathetic nerd. Still own a copy of Mario 64 for the N64 IE, played that game to death.


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The two My Little Pony plushies I got from my little sister: Applejack and Rainbow Dash.
My Manga collection.
My game collection.
Sally my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4 who will be 6 years old late April. I will retire her soon tho.


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Mainly signed copies of books:

James Baldwin, The Price of The Ticket (collected essays)
Joyce Carol Oates- Haunted and maybe 6 others? Have seen her read, and always bring a few books for her to sign.
Gary Paulsen-Hatchet (Yes, a 'kids' book, but an amazing one!)

...also, an early 1930s slot machine (O.D.Jennings Peacock), that had been in a bar my great, great uncle owned, long ago (takes nickles)

Kit H. Ruppell

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Various out-of-production anime DVDs, an antique talwar (Indian saber) from the 1800s, a rabab (lute with skin face and sympathetic strings) purchased from the maker in Pakistan, old foreign coins and a 1974 edition encyclopedia set from my grandparents.
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I use to be really fixed on Pokemon stuff, but a lot of it goes bad with time (stuff animals fall apart, and the games go bad after 15 years). The plastics, books, and cards last however.

I got a USSR air force cap with a bunch of pins on it. I looks to be from the 80s, so its right before the fall, but still neat.


In terms of stuff personally collected, my NES cartridge collection of about 150 games.

But the one thing that's the run back into a flaming house to retrieve item is a book on my grandfather's ( who died before i was born) unit in WW2 which he was given by his commander. He saved it from one fire himself actually.
It turns out that I have nothing of value. Of course, I have a collection of car models and tanks that I have collected since childhood, but they are not that old. There is a collection of computer games that my elder brother began to collect, but ... I do not know.


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My two most prized possessions are my grandfather's Mosin-Nagant 1944 carbine and my cat.

The former because it's a physical link to the most clear-cut good vs evil fight in all of human history. The latter because he's the best, most loving, well-behaved cat I've ever heard of.


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A bunch of crap! Probably my 200+ books, limited release Warhammer figures and the full collection of EU released Heroquest board game and expansions.
My Warhammer 40,000 collection and my Mosin. To be fair, my Mosin could get tossed down a flight of stairs in a skyscraper and come out the winner after leaving the staircase in utter ruin just from the impact damage. It's also a love/hate relationship, because it really is a shitty gun in so many ways despite being otherwise functional, and has eaten more money than it originally cost in work to make it a more tolerable firearm.

But my 40k models, those fuckers are fragile and precious. I spent hours of my life slaving away over plastic sprue, and cutting accidental notches into my fingers to get them just so. My new glue prevents plastic/resin breakage by giving out during impacts (locktite is the shit for modeling), but if you smash, scrunch, melt, scratch, or otherwise damage my models your ass will be paying for replacements.

EDIT: Also, my Delta Rune pin my parents got me for one Christmas.
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Hard to say. Since my divorce, I've been forced to liquidate a lot of stuff that I had. I suppose it would have to be a 1903 inverted fan and feather patter carnival glass tumbler in marigold. Value would probably push $8K. Sentimental value item would be a 1963 showroom model car of a red Thunderbird convertible that was passed down to me by my grandmother... and her certificate that authenticates that she was born in a sod house in Oklahoma.
I use to be really fixed on Pokemon stuff, but a lot of it goes bad with time (stuff animals fall apart, and the games go bad after 15 years). The plastics, books, and cards last however.

I got a USSR air force cap with a bunch of pins on it. I looks to be from the 80s, so its right before the fall, but still neat.
Pics of the hat?


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-My cat that I found abandoned on the side of the road.

-My arrowhead collection. Found em myself.

-My Nick Wilde plushie my sister gave me. Can’t sleep without him, lol.


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Whilst I haven’t had this for too long it is the Crown Jewel in my collection of knickknacks. It’s fairly obvious where I got it from, and it’s one hell of a reminder of my first ever furry con.

FaU swag 001.jpg

(I also collect US licence plates, I’m aiming to get one from each state.)