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Do you have plushies?If so which is your favorite?


What plush is your favorite plush in your collection(if you have one)? I have a fox with a little collar on it and a plush tribble from star trek.
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An old raggy dog I named Puppy when I was 5 or so. Cause it's been the one I loved the most when I was little. I have over 300, but most have little meaning to me.


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I've a Yoshi plush that sits next to my old Godzilla toy. They make a bitchen pair.

I'd pay stupid amounts of money for a quality Conker plush based off of the N64 version of himself. Oh, same goes for a Xenomorph. ALLOFMYWANT.JPG


I don't currently have any plushies, but I did like to collect them as a kid.

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I have a LOT. Tho I would have to say, maybe a 3 foot Bedtime Bear Care Bear which I sleep with every night.
That or a old teddy bear I had since I was 2.
I have a plush green dragon about 8 inches tall that I got from Wizard's Quest in Wisconsin Dells. He's even more adorable after I tied a lime green ribbon around his neck that was on my easter basket on year. I also have a plush hedgehog from the Milwaukee Zoo. :D


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I have a Stitch plush that my father got me when I went to Disneyworld for the first time. Anything my father gives me has lots of sentimental value. I also have a HUGE bin of individually re-named Beanie Babies and stuffed toys my sister and I used to play with as kids. I can't bear to get rid of them, but I don't really know what to do with them!
Everything I keep has good memories attached to it. c:

Little Ghost

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I wouldn't call myself a collector, but I've got 15 or 20 plushies that I've amassed over the years. My two favorites are a horse I got from my mom when I was a toddler named Iffy. I don't know the origins of the name, I was like 3. My other favorite is a black bear I got maybe a year ago named Somnium. It has the same name as my sona because it looks like my sona, and it's fur is soft as FUCK. I also have a few plush microbes that I love for humor value, which is especially funny because I have sperm, egg and HIV.


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I only have two plushies: a facehugger and a chestburster =P
I can't really decide which one I prefer


Weyland Yutani Human ressource
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I collect Shark Plushies occasionally.
So far, I have like 3 XD.
My favorite one is the small green Shark with the white belly <3


I probably have 20 or so. My favorites are a leopard that my grandfather gave me before he died and a brown cat that Takun got me for my birthday last year.


Oh God, i have way too many....

-a gray wolf (I sleep with him every night)

-mini lucario
-mini Jolteon

- Snivy

I really gotta stop going to Nintendo World whenever i go to the city because I can't stop buying those plushies. I feel like I'm gonna fall victim when NY Comic Con comes around...


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This one:

A baby penguin. c: My husband got it for me when I wasn't feeling too good.


A Webkinz wolf that I sleep with each night, as well as a bunch of other wolves. With my wolf hat and tail tucked into a pair of pyjamas, I like to think I'm a member of the pack. Yes, I am so Furry that I wear my tail to sleep.



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I do, and I wish I had more because I really like those things.
The only current one I have is a Winnie the Pooh one that I got when I was really young, but my taste has changed and I find it stiff and unnatractive. The other one I had for a few days because I borrowed it from someone else. It was a Triceratops that stood in two legs and I really liked it.

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I have a Grey Wolf, Arctic Fox, 3 Red Foxes, a Harbor Seal, 2 Piplup (1 small and 1 large talking one), a Flareon, and a Siberian Husky from Build-a-Bear.
Since they jut sit on shelves, it's hard to name a favorite. The seal's well-made.


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I have all of two plushies, a Fennec and a Red Fox. Given the *insanely* hard choice, I'd pick the Fennec each and every time.

Edit: Both of which I purchased at one of the zoos in Chicago.

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I still have my brown plush bear from when I was 4. Just can't let go of that little guy yet. :)3


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I have a couple of wolf plushies named Albedo and Wigwig, a werewolf plushie that I bought at a hobby store, a Pine marten, and a huge ass tiger I use as a comforter.

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I still have my brown plush bear from when I was 4. Just can't let go of that little guy yet. :)3
I've got many that I'm in that situation with. At the moment most of mine reside in a box somewhere and I will probably never get rid of them, especially my Agumon plushie that I've had for almost all my life.