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Do you keep your online presences segregated?


Shinies Snatcher
Specifically, I'm referring to keeping things that are Furry™ separate in some way or another. Do you lump it all in together, or do you strive to keep a persona online that is not associated with all things anthro?
What do you think is the wisest course of action? Do you think it's unnecessary? Do you not really care about what your online identity is associated with?

Also, how quickly would you fake your death and commit to a life of hermitage if your family/employer/etc found your 35 pages of commissioned Goodra pin-ups?

I'm curious as to what you guys think on it. Personally I've been wracking my brain to decide to launch an online store (sellin' shirts and crafty shenanigans) under a new name as to not have people googling and accidentally landing face-first in anthro ass.

Anywho, thank you for your time. Drive safe.


Cyberpunk musta Susi
Common sense suggest you keep shit seperate incase people go completely apeshit.
Base your interactions upon what you know, but feel free to test the waters.

However, I do not make shit a secret of whatever fandom I belong to and/or what hobbies/interests I have. If people ask I won't lie. However, I don't go about telling shit to people they 99.9999% of the time do not even remotely want to hear or know about.


dem leggies
Everwhere else on the internet I go by Poznos. FlannelFox came much later for this reason, I didn't want someone to google me and find all this.

I like to draw occasionally. Not a lot ends up online because I'm really bad. :) But my point: I left a sketchbook at home when I moved off and my mom decided to clear out my old room one day. That was some awkwardness. If she'd asked me about it I would've owned up but nothings really been said. Anywho, the lesson learned is scan your sketchbook and toss out the original. And uh, encrypt that chit.. y'know, in case you die.


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Well, I'm a full-time furry porn artist. I do any and all kinks, and I love doing Pokeporn.

I don't post my works anywhere outside of FA or SoFurry, but it's mainly because my irl friends would think it's a bit weird. Though I doubt I'd lose friends over it, I'm a pretty kinky individual (everyone knows I worked with nightlife/club management, some projects involving BDSM venues).

My close family, on the other hand, knows and they don't give a damn. The opposite, actually.
My mother is a very busy businesswoman and was amazed at my skill and how I always strive to deliver great pics but also great service. She'd see me get up in wee hours to answer emails and messages, and in her words, "the fact you draw porn is just a fact, it's the service that counts!"
My brother and sister (young adults) absolutely loved it when I showed them my works, and now often come around to compliment my pieces or give constructive criticism.

What can I say, I got very lucky and/or have a pretty weird family.


The Autistic Otter
I use the same name or very similar variants in most places online, I never saw a point in hiding behind many different screen-names.

Alex K

Segregation is a horrible thing and I'm glad I at least had the heart to see past the color of your personality

Generic Fox

King of Autotune
This persona doesn't exist outside of FA and these forums. I'd rather have control over my image, choose when to tell people I'm a furry, or if I tell them at all.


Green butt of reason
Well, uhm, techically, kinda, sorta? I'm not shying away from reposting and drawing related pics in public (SFW, of course), so at least some of my relatives and coworkers know I'm into anthro stuff, but I also never advertise myself as furry, so they see it more a harmless hobby and artistic preference than anything. It's not that I'm that much of a furry anyway - I like the community, but aside of anthro pics, majority of fandom-related things and activities (like fursuits or slang) don't appeal to me at all, if not make me cringe.


Definitely not a lizard
I do. I don't mind about close friends knowing I'm a furry. Apart from that, I believe that's a more private part of my life. Not that I am ashamed of it or whatever. I just don't want to have to justify myself to people about it.


This is my online persona for all things. Everywhere I go I impersonate my tiger. He's basically me.
I don't go dabbling around in FB nor anything of the sort, much less with people I know IRL, so I have nothing to worry about.


Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin
I maintain my association to the fandom as an open secret; it's quite obvious if you know what to look for, but you won't find me going out of my way to advertise it like a gay pride parade.


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I have a few different names I use online, mostly because different sites have different username limitations. Some of the sites explicitly list the usernames I use elsewhere, on others I just... don't make a secret of it. I explicitly warn people that "hey I draw smut, so if you have moral objections to that, you might want to not follow me", because I'd much rather miss out on a follower/watcher/whatever than have someone stumble across stuff they'd prefer to never have seen, just for the sake of their peace of mind.

I don't see a point in making a big secret of it - all that accomplishes is making sure that if you make an enemy, they'll feel they have ammunition against you if/when they make the connection.


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A little, but not because I care about people thinking I'm weird or something. I just like keeping my more deeply personal shit under lock and key away from a few specific abusive family members. Pretty sure they stalk my tumblr, though. That's why I made another one for diary-type stuff. :p Gotta be slick.

But those family members also know and don't care about all my furry stuff and other weird fandoms. My parents knew what bad dragon was before I did, so I really don't think anyone cares. The entirety of my online presence is interconnected with the exception of my facebook where I add all the people I hate so they stop insisting I add them on facebook so their friends list is bigger... and so they can violently shame my political views.

Edit: I also work for my family so if they found my stuff it wouldn't matter. They'd just yell at me for commissioning so much smut and not buying stock shares instead. I also plan to be self employed, so that's also not a concern.

Aside from personal venting, I don't really cover it up because I'm lazy and I don't do anything that really reflects badly on me as a person so far, so there's nothing to worry about. Why lie if I'm not doing anything? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


dem leggies
Curious what your guys' online presence looks like?
There's a lot of places I can imagine using FlannelFox but the only other forum I'm really even semi-active on is advrider.com. I'm betting this wouldn't really fly there.


Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin
Curious what your guys' online presence looks like?
There's a lot of places I can imagine using FlannelFox but the only other forum I'm really even semi-active on is advrider.com. I'm betting this wouldn't really fly there.
I'm currently using my default username - the same one you'll find me using on DeviantART, SpaceBattles, and Lustria Online, with a variant (CA92_Forgeworks) being used on FurAffinity itself.

Ever since I started using my username back in 2008 on DeviantART, it's been closely tied to my public image; I've long since come to grips with the fact that online privacy (and anonymity by extension) is a joke if you don't take the necessary steps to protect your identity through omission. To that end, because I do not have anonymity with that username, it becomes necessary for me to exercise self-restraint - while I won't hesitate to express my opinion on various fetishes, the Fandom, or anything else in general, the amount I provide is going to be dependent on the audience.

That's not to say that I'm an absolute saint however; I do have a dump account on the side to indulge in anything NSFW that I fancy.


I've been de-batted, oh no!
My username has no meaning really. In games, it's madhornet (which I had for a very long time, well before I became a furry). I never tell anyone except furries that I am one. I had once considered a youtube channel as a part-time sort of thing, and my avatar and general character would be a more cartoonish version of
<--- This guy

because no normies that know anything about furries would expect the insect inquisition.


Curious what your guys' online presence looks like?
There's a lot of places I can imagine using FlannelFox but the only other forum I'm really even semi-active on is advrider.com. I'm betting this wouldn't really fly there.
Every online game I play or have played, basically. Which includes some mainstream games like GW2, and some not-very mainstream ones. In fact, it was in a rather obscure MMO that Iriastar was born as an username.

And then FA, DeviantART. I'm active on the forums over there as well.


I seperate my furry stuff from everything else , I normally do all my other stuff as "ComicalDude" so ...


I have no secrets! If someone asked if I like something I tell them straight. So if my friends find out about my fursona name which they going to find out soon. They will only find the truth about what I like. People will probably respect you more for being honest and liking the things you do. If they do not I do not see them as good friends also I find it good if you can take the mickey of yourself.


I would only would keep myself quiet unless asked.