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Do you like any Video Game Characters in general?


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Alright... Here's my list!

Midna: LoZ: TP -- Wonderfully made character that I fell in love with first time I saw her!
Tails: Sonic (any and all) -- Acts like I do when it comes to technology, plus I've always loved the 2-tails!
Renamon: Digimon -- Do I even have to explain? XP
Krystal: Star Fox -- Once again, do I need an explanation?!


Cthulhu's Sexual Seraphim
Pyramid Head- Silent Hill 2

Zeratul- Starcraft

S.H.O.D.A.N- System Shock 2

Fenix- Starcraft

Tassadar- Starcraft

Maiq the Liar- Elder Scrolls

Eliphas the Inheritor- Warhammer 40K Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

Master Chief- Halo

Arbiter- Halo

Shas' O' Kais- Warhammer 40K Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

Raziel- Soul Reaver

Kane- Command and Conquer

Darth Revan- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Darth Nihilus- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2

HK 47- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Nightmare- Soul Calibur

Anub-Arak- Warcraft 3

My custom characters- ( too many games listed )


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Okay, saying I'd marry them if they were real is going to far, but there are characters I like for just being characters. Like Ryu from the Breath of Fire games, Riku from Kingdom Hearts, and Kimahri and Auron from FFX.
i have a bit of a crush on fran from FFXII. and not because she's all scantily clad and shit. frankly i'd prefer it if she covered up a bit more. it's because her character design is awesome, her voice creeps me the hell out in the best of ways, and i've always had a soft spot for bunnies. particularly superviolent bunnies.




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Chun Li from Street Fighter (panty flashing kicks and teen years will leave an impression)

Candy Cane from Rumble Roses (who doesn't like those schoolgirl uniforms)

Rayne From Bloodrayne (do i even have to say why?)

Uriko from BloodyRoar3 (she's so cute)


Taki From SoulCaliber2 (Second skin outfits and body to die for)

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It's a toss up between Fox and Wolf.


I'm just naming characters I think are attractive, not WUR GUTTIN' MURRIED HUR HUR.

Nines, Generic Shovelhead, Skelter, and Imalia (gnarled) from VtM: Bloodlines
FIOOOOO from Metal Slug
Motoko from SFIII
Rikkimaru from Tenchu


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Leon Belmont from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. He just looks badass imo.

Edit: oh and also, Warchief Rend Blackhand from Warcraft. "I'll rip your arms off and use them to beat you into submission!"


There are a large amount of characters I have imaginative interest in, however listing them all would prove that it's not merely the character, but the category they're in.

Any tall male character, usually in a rogue or pirate status, that weilds a gun as a weapon and/or has a mysterious nature is the genre of character I like. Points go up if the character wears red or the gun has a long barrel/large size. More points if the character is generally helpful. And even more points should the character not actually be part of the main party and, instead, drop in once in a while. I disclude most characters who are emotionally unstable or have a tragic past that they can't get over. And this completely discludes characters from japanese animation.

So Gilder from 'Skies of Arcadia', Clive from 'WildArms3', and Balthier from 'Final Fantasy XII' are all good in my book. Vincent from FF7 is discluded due to his emotional baggage, if anyone got that crazy idea from my description (I liked Nanaki more anyway). Rei from Breath of Fire 3, Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank (LOADS of guns, woo!), and Magus from ChronoTrigger come in a close second.

As for female characters that I could fall for: a personally outgoing, badass, and reclous nature wins - especially if the character has soprano voice. Katt from BoF 2, Kanon from WildArms 2, Selan from Lufia 2, and Millenia from Grandia 2 (see a pattern here?) are all priceless.

Chakat Scirocco

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Reikaza said:
Kimahri and Auron from FFX.
Yes to those two. Also, Lulu (who's got the whole femme fatale thing going). And the articulate Fangs player (one of the females...either Nuvy or Irga).

Wakka's not bad-looking, and any character who uses incongruous sports equipment as a weapon ought to be cool by rights. But he's a schmo.

-Fran from FFXII.
-Tifa and Red XIII, both from FFVII.
-Several characters from the Warcraft universe.
-Krystal. (Duh!)


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I think Jak from Jak 3 and I would get on pretty well. We BOTH have Darkness and Light within us...

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Heres a list of my favorte game character that i would totally like to just hang out with if they were real. Ill number my top 3. the rest are'nt in any particular order.

1. Zidane - FFIX (can you say "pick Pocket" lol)
2. Marcia - Fire Emblem PoR (friggin hilarious and friendly)
3. Rikku - FFX (she seems like she would be fun to hang out with)
Freya - FFIX (kick ass character, if a little moody)
Link - Zelda (not much of a talker but one of my favorite characters)
Falco Lombardi - Star Fox (i think he would be cool to hang out with)
Zelda - Zelda (yum...)
Auron - FFX (you'd never need another bodyguard)

can't think of any more at the moment but thats a just a few.


WolfoxOkamichan said:
*shakes head at the people here*

Wow... what a limited amount of selection you have.


Ammy from Okami and Blanca from Shadow Hearts Covenant.
Your face is a limited selection!! I posted Leon S. Kennedy and KLEINER!!! Who else here likes Kleiner?! No one, I tell you!! MINGEBAG FOR YOUR TORSO!!! :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:
I'd have to say Red XIII from Final Fantasy 7. Then J.C. Denton from Deus Ex. And maybe Gordon Freeman and the Administrator from Half-Life.


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If any...i would have to say number 47 from Hitman, Fang from Bloody Roar...and Brewmaster from Dota...(if anyone out there plays that such variant of Frozen Throne ^^;).

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Lonewolf the pickpocket.

...no, but seriously, I wouldn't marry any game characters. They all have love interests anyway.
But I will list characters I've liked throughout the years.
The MC of Robotrek. I dig his outfit.
Numerous Breath of Fire characters, including Bo, Katt, Mogu, Pico, Momo, Scias (!! awesomest character of all time !!), and Ershin.
Pokey from Earthbound is pretty awesome, in a fat, rich, spoiled slob who gains ultimate power sort of way.

Uhhh... I might list more later. Right now I gots to eat breakfast and go to class.

PS: ten bucks to anyone who knows what game(s) Lonewolf is from.


Rouge2 said:
Does any of you have a certain character you want to marry or hook up, if they were real? Basically, do you have a big fan of any video game characters.

I'm a huge Amy Rose Fan and A huge Pipsy the Mouse Fan.

I, uh...got...[size=xx-small]kind of turned on, when they...uh...threw Fox McCloud in a jail cell and then there was that whole....tying-him-to-a-pole-and-torturing-him thing in the Dinosaur Planet game...[/size]

*blush* ( ._.)

I...think he's[size=xx-small]...really hot...when he's helpless...[/size]

*circles finger on the carpet*

M. LeRenard

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Right. More.
Who can forget Earthworm Jim?
Count Bleck and his minions from Super Paper Mario (come to think of it, just about everyone from the Paper Mario games are pretty awesome).
Kid Ying and Dr. Yang (also known as Goemon and Ebisumaru) from the Mystical Ninja games.
Elvis from Perfect Dark.
Quote, Curly, Balrog, and all those other cute little sprites from Cave Story.
The sprite from Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu... 2? I think).
Legend of Mana characters... oh let's see. Niccolo, Daena, Bud and Lisa, Sierra and Larc, Dewell, Tipo, Sotheby and Kristie and those two fellows who work for them (gah! Can't remember names!), the Lilipeas, Watts, the list goes on. That game is awesome in pretty much all respects.
T260G from SaGa Frontier. Asellus is cool, too.
Noa from Legend of Legaia.
Meru, Haschel, and Kongol from Legend of Dragoon.
Ayla, Robo, Lucca, Frog... oh hell. Everybody from Chrono Trigger (and a lot from Chrono Cross, even though there are about 40 PC's in that game).
Rudy, Jack, Cecilia, Zed, Emma, all those folks from Wild ARMs. Apply that to the other Wild ARMs games. Those characters are all pretty well likeable.
Leon, Chisato, Ashton, Celine, Precis, and Dias from Star Ocean 2.
The friendly spiders from Exile. The dragons in those games are pretty cool, too.
Slippy. Yes, the one from Star Fox. Am I the only one who likes Slippy?
I'd list all the characters from the Final Fantasy worlds who intrigued me, but I'd be here all night. FF6 had the best cast, anyway.
Gordon Freeman. (I don't need to tell you what game that's from, do I?)
Fei, Citan, Chu Chu, Rico, Ellie, Emeralda, all those folks from Xenogears. Shion, MOMO, Jr., KOS-MOS, chaos, all those folks from Xenosaga. Except for Jin. I don't like Jin. He feels like some character they just inserted to give the game more of a Japanese flavor; totally out of place.
Oh... there was this guy. He was the first openly gay video game character I've ever seen... it was some RPG for the XBox 360... he attacked by singing and playing a saxophone or something. Don't remember his name!
XIII had a cool cast of characters, from what I remember. Don't remember anybody's name, except for The Mongoose, who I remember killing with, like, a million rounds from double mini-guns and a few dozen grenades.
Jade, Pey'j, Double H, and all those cool characters from Beyond Good and Evil. The Jamaican rhinoceroses.
That invincible old man in Legend of Zelda who tells you strange, badly translated things.
That drunken scarecrow from Conker's Bad Fur Day.
Dekar from Lufia II.
Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess. She was just cool.
Jimbo and Sully, from Contra III, because how can you not appreciate guys who can take out a flying war machine by hanging on the missiles it's firing at them with one hand and shooting with the other?

Man... I think I could go on, but I'm out of ideas for now, so I'll stop. How's that for a limited selection, WolfoxOkamichan? HA! That'd be from me who's been playing games since he was about 3.

Nidonemo: something tells me you're not alone.


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Well, lets see...

Locke from FFVI (just the sprite, not the pic)
The Arbiter


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Why not G-Man, from Half-Life 2? Not only is he mysterious and compelling, but he's so very abused by the online community...