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Do you need to know it all to be a maker?


New Member
Couldn't figure out how to title this, but basically, I really like the idea of airbrushing, fur dying, and fur cutting/shaving/trimming on making a fursuit, but I'm pretty terrible at sewing and all the other stuff that goes into making a fursuit, or more specifically I guess, the head.

So I'm wondering if there would be a market or interest with makers for someone who did the airbrushing, shaving, etc. (Also if there's a market for fursuits with a more styled look to the fur, meaning more varied lengths of fur than just "long and short", something you'd see from a dog groomer, as that's what I am)

I don't have any examples atm and I'm not looking to collab with anyone just yet, but I was thinking if this is a realistic thing where I could do airbrushing, dye jobs, detail work, etc. , I'd want to go about getting an airbrush machine for starters (Cuz manual airbrushing is just blow pens and while I can turn a dog into a cheetah no problem, my lungs are getting old) and finding some fur and stuff to practice on.

If anyone's a maker out there who thinks that's a cool idea and would collab with someone like that, let me know! I wanna see if there's interest

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
You don't need to know it all, you just have to be able to make it work and appear professional. I'm sure all makers didn't know everything they know now when they started out. And, knowledge is gained through trial and error when it comes to fursuiting.