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Do you prefer laptops, tablets, phones and other portables or desktops?


The Restless Maverick
I have a fairly expensive gaming laptop that I bought 6 yrs ago and which still works good. It's bulky, but it's good for pretty much everything: gaming, work, etc.
I've had little stability and certainty in my life, and I had to travel regularly, so it's very convenient to have a laptop that allows me to do anything I might want anywhere I might want.


Unrespectable Member
Desktop because I'm on my phone when it's dead at work all the time and I have gotten serious text neck issues to the point where I should probably see a chiropractor or physical therapist. (butlolhealthinsurance)

Laptops get all hot but they're not bad, but a keyboard built into a structure is just never as satisfying as that clickity click clack I'm hearing right now as I blitz through yet another mundane expression of my personal preferences.

Tablets are for people with personal assistants and a corner office on the top floor.


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
Desktop, hands down.

I may be spoiled in this respect but I really prefer to have separate keyboard, pointing device (I hate touchpads, but trackballs are my thing) and a huge hi-res IPS screen. And all that even before getting to the fact that my 3D art requires enormous amount of processing power which laptops generally can't provide.

In fact I find laptops to be surprisingly uncomfortable to use for any longer stretch of time. Probably it's just me, but I easily get stiff joints or muscles from it, no matter what. While on a desktop I have no such problems, I can use it for whole day.

As I currently need to travel for jobstuff, I'm getting surprising amount of mileage from my inexpensive (around $200 equivalent) phone. All sorts of internet things, keeping contact with people, reading books, using maps, heck, even rudimentary office tasks. I have a laptop but most of the time I can't be bothered to take it out of the bag, when the phone is enough.

By the way, in the autumn I encountered some articles saying that all the talk about "death of desktop PC" was exaggerated and premature. While the PC no longer holds the biggest sales volume and got limited into a niche - within this niche it's holding on well and is not going away.


trans girl, arctic fox, dingus.
Desktop no question. if I need something portable and useable I use my phone, and if I need more than my phone but still need to be portable I use a single board computer. Have too many of them, so theyre nice to put to use like that. And considering on the rare occasions im out and about and need a comptuer, I wont need much more than an SBC.
If i decide thought that I wanted a laptop, A Razer Blade Stealth would probably be my first choice for the reasons that FunniValentine said below: VVV
Personally, the dream set up would have to be a thin and light laptop, egpu, and nice monitor, keyboard & mouse to dock into. Portability and a low-profile when you need it, and an absolute gaming beast when you don't.


Laptops are where it's at, no cap.
I've always been a laptop user and I don't really have much complaints about it. My laptop can run games like Clone Hero and Minecraft (the only games I really care about) pretty well, along with other games like R6, Garry's Mod, Left 4 Dead, and other big boy games. Also taking my laptop wherever I go is a big part of it too.

My brother has a gaming laptop (which is a crime against everything) and it sucks so bad. He's had so many issues with it over the past (I think) 2 years he's had it, so that's a negative about the laptop world. Lesson learnt: DON'T GET A GAMING LAPTOP, THEY SUCK.

I've been through 2 laptops in the last... I'm gonna say 6-7 years, both HP, and my old one still works decently. I was never a fan of desktop computers, like yeah I know they can run games well and all that, but I like the comfort and portability of a laptop. I personally like small spaces, and laptops don't take up a lot of room, so I have more room for more stuff!


On the dark side since 2011
Laptops and tablets, mostly because I like not having to start over when there is a power outage and because I'm usually away from home when I work.


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iPad for drawing stuff and watching Netflix, otherwise MacBook Pro with two 4k displays and desktop input tier on a dock. I had beefy desktop machines for everything for quite a long time (especially during school time) and I simply hate sitting beside a large heater all day. Also taking the laptop to the couch or bed for browsing without changing the device is quite convenient. I experienced it is also kinda cool to change between work and home with just changing the laptop. One TB3 plug is all you need ;)
I still have a gaming rig, but this one is only intended for gaming or Windows-only performance intensive tasks.