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Do you tend to use the same username for everything?

If it were available, would you use the same username for everything?

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4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
I have a couple, I tend to have the word bonobo in it somewhere. Or sloth.
I also have a full first and surname alias I use for the more personal parts of the internet that I don't want irl people to see, like tumblr and some forums I go on.


Red Wolf Inquisitor
I use a buch of different usernames throughout the interwebs since I'm paranoid and like to cover my tracks. The only places I use my name here are devisntart and the forums for an MMORPG I play.


Selling bookmarks!
Yes yes....tell me all your aliases so that I may stalk you even more efficiently. *evil laughs* I'm pretty much me. I'll use whatever username I please but most of mine are lomber since I'm lazy and don't feel like remembering another made up name.


More Metal Than You !!!
With very few exceptions, it's always either sniperfreak, sniperfreak223 or sniperfreak762


Abstract Chimaera
Lately I mostly use same username for allow someone that know me, and to reserve my username. I even use same avatar if possible.

Only place I use my real identity is social network like facebook or store, game platform store like Steam is excluded.


Lazy Artist
I use Misomie just about everywhere. Sometimes I'll use Dawnshadow (which is taken a lot) and other times (when I feel like signing up as a guy) Totakai.


The Cat in the FAF
Typically I use the same username, but I got doxxed once because its so damn easy to search for dumb things I've said online because of that, especially if you're using less than friendly websites. Don't recommend doing that if you decide on going to more volatile places on the internet.


King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy
I dont think I've ever run into problems with stalkers or assholes tracking me on every site yet. Maybe it will be a long time from now but I doubt Im important enough to cause trouble or have trouble happen.

having the same username is just easier and a more defining trait. Having to know multiple users just to simply throw people off seems unnescessary to me


Stranger Than You!
I've been going by StrangerCoug online since before I knew the furry fandom existed, believe it or not. It was originally intended to be limited to Rooster Teeth (where I first used the name and am still active), but I decided I liked the name, so... here I am, still using it almost a decade later. Outside of the Internet, though, I prefer my real name.


New Member
yes, but not here. my standard username is tied to an IRL nickname, and i'm not quite ready for someone i know IRL to stumble upon my furry-ness.


Lost in the Static
Ever since I joined the Internet, I have been LazerMaster5. I chose the name because at the time, I was obsessed with the Lazer Collection videos, and there were 5 entries in the series. (I was a middle schooler who just got keys to the kingdom, of course I would be obsessed with all the popular animations.) Anyway, the name kind of stuck, and while my character name in video games may vary, my account names are all LazerMaster5.


Snake awakens
Yeah I do. I use some variation of "King9" for most online things.


Sometimes. I'll occasionally throw a screwball in there like "notcoolbros" or crustymilk. Now I use Eternal or Et3rnal for most things now. Who knows what the next username will be.


Whenever Kinare isn't taken on a forum/community type place, I takes it. When it is taken, depending on the place I'm signing up on, I have some other variants I use.

If it's something for IRL or that I won't use to socialize at all I use my first ever username still and it's usually not taken on bsns type websites because I must be the only adult out there that thinks such a name is worth holding on to in some fashion.

The only reason I switched to Kinare as a full-time username in the first place was because after a popular series adopted the same end-name acronym as my original username had, suddenly everyone liked tossing said acronym at the end of cool words and that meant my old username was constantly taken except on very low population websites. Now though I'm having the trouble that on very populated websites Kinare will be taken too, but at least my variations make me sorta unique... =|


The Gamer Dog
I've been using my Steam name as a username and gamer tag for awhile now. I think it's stuck to me. I'm the only Comet Knight on the internet as far as I know. I use that username for most things, soooo yeah. I've gotten so used to being called Comet, it's like a second name.

hey look a train!

mercenary, hunter killer
i got a diffrent name for everything, but password remains the same


Mountain Mew
Furry sites are the only sites I use this username on, everything else I use a same username.


Lost in the Static
It's odd. Yesterday, I Googled my username, and apparently there is a guy on Bitstrips using my username. He has been there since 2010, oddly enough.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
I approach every new community with a different name, though I generally stick with the same names and accounts for a long time.


I definitely wouldn't use the same username across varying areas of the internet. I think it is just asking for trouble to do so.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
Well, even if you don't use the same name, over time your names in other communities spill over into one another through random remarks and links, especially when it's material that you've made and originally uploaded on another site.


Well, even if you don't use the same name, over time your names in other communities spill over into one another through random remarks and links, especially when it's material that you've made and originally uploaded on another site.

Definitely not true in my case.


Drank ALL the Coffee!!!
I've been gaming as Kinharia since '07. It feels like a second name to me, if you saw me in the street and shouted Kinharia I'd probably respond :p

If you yell any name loud enough I will respond. Large family, Ma could never remember my name...