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Do you think furries look better than real animals?


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Depends. Some animals look butt-ass ugly in real life, so anthro art makes them look more aesthetic.

Inversely, a lot of cool animals tend to lose their "cool" factor whenever their drawn. Tigers and jaguars for example. Not sure why, but it's just what I've noticed.

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Depends on the animal and the artists rendition of it. A skillful artist can bring out the beauty in anything.

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"Real" foxes are perfection, and it can't get any better than that.


Yep, The humanoid versions look way more cute and more appealing than the real thing. The feral versions can be butt ugly and sore to look at. lol


It depends on the art style but I prefer anthro dogs and wolves over the real animals. (I am actually afraid of dogs in real life.)


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Real animals are always majestic and wonderful. There is a reason why I use real animals as references to draw furries (as apposed to furry art to draw furries)-

But then again, I'm not really a fan of the inflato-rubber fur style.

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And then he be like rawr!

Face it nerds, you can't match the real thing.


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I personally do. I think humans have really ugly-looking ears compared to most other animals, and find it odd that humans don't have a snout. Not to mention, no fur or tails. That's no fun.


I prefer full-on animals over furries. Their lack of judging others beyond how they've been treated or instinct is extremely valuable to me. They're far more easy to predict because of that too. Anything with human-like intelligence and social structure will also carry many of the features I dislike about humans. The only thing that makes furries better than humans are the physical features, but since I'm more attracted to personality anyways it doesn't hold as much weight to me if my ideal person appearance-wise were to stand next to my ideal furry. Whoever was nicer to me would win me, assuming either cared to.


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It is impossible to give a clear answer. Sometimes it is one and sometimes the other.

The advantage of real animals is that they are real.

The advantages of Furry are that you can design it as you like.


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furries aren't real?! :eek:


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It depends of context. A realistic or feral animal character will work best in some cases, while anthros are better in others.


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I think realy animals are cuter. But a lot of the appeal of furries comes from how it's drawn and exaggerating the features the right way.

But generally I find real life animals far cuter then furry ones.


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I don't really think you can compare the two .One exists in real life and thus objectively looks like something while the other does not and can have many interpretations. How anthropomorphic animals look heavily depends on the artist. And at that point it's a simple matter of "what do you like more about the artist? the way they draw furries or the way they draw animals?"


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I think that it’s kinda hard to choose, it’s subjective depending on species, styles, and which type of meaning “looks” comes to mind.