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Do you think you'll remain a furry (for long)?

Will you?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 37 68.5%
  • No!

    Votes: 4 7.4%
  • Hell if I know!

    Votes: 13 24.1%

  • Total voters
I'm still young and it's likely this is a phase for me, heh. ^^; Soon I think I'll have bigger priorities than what species my OC should be.


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I became interested in the fandom when I was 14 after watching a BeastCub video of a wolf quadsuit, but I didn't know about the actual fandom until four years later, when I finally considered myself a furry. And now, well, now I have three fursonas and a fursuit partial. I think I'll be in the fandom for life, I love talking to other furs and seeing their sonas.

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Nah. I'm less associated with the whole thing every day, there'll be utter disinterest soon enough


it's a moth! it a dragon! no, it's a avali boi!
hell yes I'm staying! I honestly don't know where I'd be without this fandom its my: emotional outlet and de-stresser / happy place that will be there no matter what / entertainment.

Maximus B. Panda

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I doubt I'll keep interest in the fandom. I never did participate much in it, and when I did it was regrettable. I will stick around for the forums though since I just started.

The fandom is cool, but the community is the opposite. I actually thought it was going to be different in the way of meeting people, but know I know better.

I'll keep my characters, but they won't be considered "furry" by me.


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10+ years I've been a furry, so unless something major changes I can't see myself stopping being a furry or having a fursona on anything- at the very last I'll always be very into the art and characters.


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I don't even delve into the furry stuff anymore. Just look at lizards my friends link me. At this point, I'm more in it for the community i have around me. It's very accepting and i can say i like dog dicks without being excommunicated (mostly) (also, i don't like dog dicks. Overrated as shit.)
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I know it's a little off topic to split hairs on technicalities but here's my take. Unless you consider something a good part of your identity I wouldn't want to be called "a blank" but rather say it's an interest. When people say Whovian or geek or furry that seems to in a way say that's the most dominant part of who they are unless however you're saying your type of job or religious affiliation to which this would apply to a degree

Anywhose to answer the question on the textbook definition yes I do foresee being a furry for a long time ^_^


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if it keeps going like now HELL YES !!!


Is there anywhere else on the internet where you can find such an open and diverse group of people? (probably)

Answer: Hell yes! I will be a life time member of this fandom!


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9 years so far, why not longer? lol


I am pretty sure I will remain interested in furry/anthro characters at least, I have been for the last 8-10 years, not sure about my involvement in the fandom as a whole.

I have many other interests than mean even more to me, mostly science fiction and tabletop gaming, so it is hard to tell if I will stay involved in this one when I face greater constraints on my free-time than I do now.


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As long as I'm breathing, I will be a furry. Been one for many years.
I feel more happier being with other furries than with actual people.


I always have been, and probably always will be, into furries. The only thing that does seem to change is how much time and energy I have for my hobbies.
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