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Do you want your fursona(s) and/or OC(s) to "live on" after you are gone?


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I've come back to this topic about three times now, and still have no idea how to answer it. How peculiar.

Finn ^w^

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once i am lost, so is the personality/embodiment of my fursona, there fore i dont think they would really exist properly. what i mean is once im gone, so is, well, them, in a way. if there is no one to take on the role of being said character, which only you can truly take on, then they would simply float around, maybe used in fanart if you were popular, but never quite portrayed they way you really would.

so in conclusion, your persona dies alongside you.


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The rights to my art, literature, and merchandise of my sona will be available to others when I pass.

You want it? You can have it.

I will bury it all in one piece.

You just have to find it :mad:


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Honestly, I've never thought about this one before. It's really thought-provoking.

As a dead man, I don't exactly have much say in what happens with my belongings aside from whatever is in my will, so my opinion would be inevitably moot---it's not like someone can dig me up and ask me. That gives me a little less reason to care. It'd be a little pointless to worry so much about something that ultimately won't matter.

Still, I think I would want the character to die with me. I don't trust that people would stay faithful to his canon lore or character---and being a very close extension of myself, to misinterpret Steele would often be to misinterpret me. The only person whose hands I trust him in would be my fiance. Otherwise, I'd take Steele to my grave, along with his story, in some effort to keep him whole instead of a victim of fanon without an owner to protect him.


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I would be okay with my character going with me, unless there was someone in RL who "gets" the character and cares enough about him as an OC to not try to make him into something he was never meant to be.


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Somber post indeed - but great discussion and thoughts shared.

Here’s the three choices I’ve seen it so far (based off reading through once):

1. I’m dead, doesn’t matter what happens.

2. I want my fursona/OC to live on (either through a friend or online art, etc.)

3. My fursona/OC dies with me. Hands off.

I understand we are not limited to these 3 choices (actually there’s plenty of overlap along with other choices not mentioned - just these were the main 3 I was seeing).

Personally, I haven’t really thought about it to much (mainly because I think I’m going to live forever lol jk of course), but the thought of my fursona to live one beyond death is both humbling and scary thing to me. Humbling because that means I would have left a lasting impression on those around me and possibly the fandom. Scary because it could be misrepresented or used for nefarious reasons, and the memory of me could be “tarnished.” But all in all, I’m going to be dead and shouldn’t matter to me at all, right?

But, it could impact the friends and family that I would leave behind. If my fursona/OC is misrepresented, then my friends/family could be shunned or shamed, depending on how it has been represented. I say this because my fursona is literally myself, just as a canine.

In the end, for the sake of the people that I leave behind, I wouldn’t mind being buried/cremated in my fursuit to attempt giving everyone one last laugh or smile - we need to celebrate life, not just mourn the death. With that, only the memory of me/my fursona will be left, a happy one I hope.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.


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I would like them to be remembered as I love for to people to admire the hard work I put into them but I would prefer they go with me because I can't stand the thought of someone else using them or making content or something with them and me not being a part of it


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Yeah, my fursona is kind of an extension of me. The only role I would want my fursona to play after I'm gone would be as a memory of me.