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Do you watch Asmr?


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The feeling of hearing loud whispers in my ear is off putting for me personally
But it is tres romantique non?

I’ll usually listen to more nature-based ambience if I want to feel more relaxed. Or listen to the ironic ones like croc mentioned for a good laugh. I have found a sub-genre called “nostalgia asmr” however, and I find it quite nice.


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Never knew it was a thing.

Is there where you watch people doing mundane activities, like drying their hair, doing dishes, scrubbing toilets, and various things you would never really think footage existed of?
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Kit H. Ruppell

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I'm picky. Forced whispering, pointless scratching/tapping/brushing, and disgusting mouth noises are all annoying. Soft-spoken roleplays of personal attention (like haircuts) can be nice though.


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usually I'll watch the cooking ones, where it's just sorta light chopping sounds and things like that. Really nice to get me to sleep!