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do you wear a collar, and why or why not?


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i am looking at a spiked collar (im a punk, so it will not look obvious that im a furry.) and i think it would look good on me, and i just like the idea of wearing a collar.

anyway, do u wear 1 and y or y not?


I don't wear a collar. I'm not an animal, nor do I wish to be treated as one.
I personally don't see the appeal.
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i have a little pet tag that i wear with a chain. thats the closest to a collar that i wear


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I have three that I've accumulated over the last three or four years. I don't actively wear them though. When I was in college, I'd wear em on very sparingly, but eventually I stopped after about a semester of it. Dunno why I bought more, but what's done is done.

I like them, but I can't really pull them off. I also think I'm a bit too old for that kind of shit now.

That being said, if I ever find myself at a con of any sort (anime, comic, vg, furry, etc), I'd wear one there.


It would be interesting if i had one, but chances are i wouldn't wear one, unless it was with a fursuit. I'd probably lose all respect from the people I know as well as being looked at as if i had serious mental issues.

I get the whole i want to express myself stuff or that it can be fun, but I also personally wouldn't feel comfortable wearing one around unless I was alone.


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I have a leather collar with a large ring in the center, a spiked leather collar, and a rabbit fur collar.

I wear the spiked one more frequently than the others,
but it's not a "furry" thing to me so much as another kind of choker.

Butters Shikkon

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I wear a studded choker...if that counts. Only when I feel like it though (Or when my friends don't want me to be extra fabulous at the grocery store lol) It has nothing to do with furry culture though, just love chokers. I hate I misplaced my cloth one!


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i don't have one

kinda want one, don't know if i'd wear it around though

pet play is pretty much my biggest thing


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I don't empathise with the hipsterish punkiness of wearing a collar; I'm not a trendy or deliberately non conformist person.

I can perhaps identify with the submissiveness but I have no interest in wearing a collar other than passing curiosity.


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I wouldn't wear a collar because I don't like things around my neck; the idea makes me uncomfortable. Maybe I should add this to the phobia thread.

Elim Garak

Only in the bedroom, retarded to walk around with it, would lose my job.

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I have two. A pink one (that's for me to know and you to find out. :3) and a black one (for casual wear and the like). As for why, I have 4 reasons:

1. I belong to somebody. <3
2. It gives off the slight inkling that I'm a Furry, without having to wear a Fursuit.
3. I've always been the submissive kind.
4. They look pretty damn awesome to me.


No, because I'd look very weird and would probably creep people out.

Batty Krueger

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I guess I could get away with wearing my collar in normal public without worrying about people fucking with me cuz of the way I look in the first place. No one fucks with me no matter what I'm wearing. That and I'm usually with a group of friends that don't give a fuck about me being a furry.
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you seem to have missed the point.
and as for wearing an actual collar, I don't. I find them uncomfortable.

Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers
you seem to have missed the point.
and as for wearing an actual collar, I don't. I find them uncomfortable.

It's a tough economy, I understand completely... :V

Yeah, I've not seen one cloth collar that felt comfortable to the touch...I don't even make my dogs wear them unless its vet time.


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there is no way in hell i would be able to get away with wearing one.
i do however wear army-style dog tags and I've seen a couple of people on FA that do ones with artwork of your character on them. i might get a pair of them