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do you wear a collar, and why or why not?


yes im single
ive got a collar but i will only wear it if someone becomes my masterand tames this sexy evil beast simple as that


Lord of Darkness


Lord of Darkness
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I had one at from age 14 to 18. I'm 20 now and switched to a dog harness. It feels comfortable on me and I enjoy wearing it out. Kind of like an ID or some kind. It depends on who wears one and who doesn't based on their preference. Buy one if you'd like, shouldn't matter if you get one or not to anyone but yourself.


Once i wore a collar and this guy clicked a leash on me, fortunately i got away, never wore it since


Lord of Darkness
Once i wore a collar and this guy clicked a leash on me, fortunately i got away, never wore it since

What the heck?

Some random guy just clicks a leash on you? Where the hell were you when this happened?!


cat, I'm a kitty cat
I wear one for pet reasons now, but as a fashion thing I've always liked the feel of collars/chokers and have worn them most of my life.


I have 2, but I like one the best. My mate likes that collar too.I mostly wear it with my mate, my fursona and his fursona name are on the tag. Why, maybe for pet reason, maybe I imagine myself a dog, maybe it’s cute.


im secretly a ghost
I don't wear a collar since it doesn't really go with what I wear, plus I'd get some weird looks if I wore one.


Diaperfurs 4 Lyfe
I wear a collar with a cross on it because my owner is Jesus Christ. May we praise the Lord in all His eternal glory!


Lord of Darkness
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Shay Feral

Child of Babylon
I used to...

It was not one of my better decisions...


It's all fun and games...
I have two collars. One is velvet with a tiny bell on it and the other has nothing to do with furries. Both are discreet enough that I don't get too many odd looks when I where them. I really like chokers and they have a lot of meaning for me.

But this is definitely a "to each their own" sort of thing.


Sly Fox


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I bought a lace one at Anime Expo because I thought it was freaking gorgeous. But I've only worn it once and that was for a school project. It has a little bell on it. I'd probably find that annoying now if I decided to find it and where it again lol


The wettest wolf
Not gonna happen, not only do I have to maintain a public image, I am also not someones property, and I just don't do constricting things around my neck.

Just realized this is my #100 post, cool
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Yes, I wear it to work in fact. Unlike many who seem to just fall into a pile of clothes and emerge, I know how to make one look good.