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do you wear a collar, and why or why not?


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I would wear one, as any sort of choker tends to look pretty flattering on me, but I've come to permanently associate collars with the obnoxious 'I'm really deep because I like BDSM. Stupid vanillas would never understand!' folks from my hometown.


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Never worn a collar.
I have no Idea what it would feel like...


Actually, I've always been a fan of guy-style necklaces (wooden beads, bone, my actual dog-tags, etc.) and like to wear them because I think they just add to an outfit. As far as collars go, I've worn chokers before (went through a punk phase) and wide band collars, and it felt fine. But then again, I don't act obnoxious with em on, so most people barely notice or say "nice choker, dude".

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Me? no, but I have put them on a few people. Good times.


No. Because my fursona isn't even a species where it would make sense to wear one. That and it's daft.


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I love collars~
Me and my mate both love collars and leashes~ ;)

But it isn't just for the fun aspect, it's also because I just like how it feels on me~


1. I belong to somebody. <3
2. It gives off the slight inkling that I'm a Furry, without having to wear a Fursuit.
3. I've always been the submissive kind.
4. They look pretty damn awesome to me.

This! Though I don't wear it much in public. Mostly just meet ups and at home. It's a black leather studded collar with a tag.


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I have 1 collar that I wear, and thats only because it lights up. And I can attach random metal things to it. People are allways asking if its a shock collar because of the battery pack/solar pannel on it. I love the thing, but im nones property, so hell if you can get a leash on it. >:3


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I'd love to wear one but I'm not outgoing enough... If I ever go to a convention or a meetup, I'd wear one.


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I don't have one, though I plan on getting one and if/when I do have it I'll probably wear it when I go hang out with friends or stuff.


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A friend of mine wanted to put a collar on me and make me his pet, so I politely declined and bequeefed to him a boot to the head.


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Geez, I don't get the "I'm not subservient or an animal/pet or into BDSM." responses. Since when did a collar HAVE to mean those things? I consider it just an accessory like any other necklace or choker. Spiked ones do make some assume you're into goth/punk or something. And yeah, people can assume a regular collar means something about you, but you can simply tell them it doesn't, and if you mean what you say then what's the big deal? It all goes with what you think you'll look good wearing.

So yeah, I don't wear collars or chokers myself. But I might somewhere down the line, or I might not. It really doesn't matter that much.
I do wear a silver necklace with a ring on it. Almost rocked the turtleneck and chain look by accident because I'm just that white-bread, but I don't like beer of any kind.


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I don't wear collars for the same reason I don't wear ties, it feels like a noose. That, and my fursuit (squirrel) would look weird with a collar. And yes, my avatar is actually what my fursuit looks like.


I wear one every day, as most of my friends don't give a shit about each other's differences and are really accepting of each other. :)