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do you wear a collar, and why or why not?


I had a 16" leather collar that I wore for a while, it's probably still laying around somewhere. I'm into some kinky stuff but it's really more just to gauge peoples' reactions. People treat you differently, especially 20-somethings like me. Sometimes I'd go out shopping with it just for fun, acting casually, treating people kindly, wearing plainish-looking clothes etc., just with a collar. I got a lot more eye contact, more smiles too, but never talk about furry shit or anything remotely related. If people asked, I just generally shrugged and was like "why not?"

I wore it to some of the dance clubs downtown, although I stopped when I realized that it was drawing the wrong kind of attention... derp, shoulda seen that coming. I dunno, it was just something different.


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I actually have a collar here in my wardrobe somewhere, but I don't use it anymore since I've ditched my old fursona a few years back.
I used to be your generic dog until I actually decided to find an animal that fit me a little closer to heart. I havent thrown the collar away... If anybody needs one just send me a message and I'll send it over free of charge.

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I have one around somewhere that's spiked that I wear to metal/punk shows I see or work at sometimes (door/cover, not a musician or roadie. I'm even less important:p), but the spikes long ago fell off and were replaced with nails. I used to wear it more when I was young and out and about up to no good. Now I'm older and get up to no good at home in my pajamas instead. I still have a heavy-ish choke-chain type collar, though, that belonged to one of the sheepdogs we had when I was a kid (my parents used to raise and train schutzhund and herding dogs and knew how to use such a collar responsibly and effectively) that had to be PTS when I was in school. But neither had any kind of furry association for me, and they don't even really have a fetish-y look to them: one is too ragged and pointy/dangerous-looking and the other obviously an actual dog-training device that would be extremely unwise to use in any kind of play.


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All our collars (between my husband and I) are handmade, intended for human use. They're not re-purposed animal collars. We don't get any funny looks or stares or comments when one of us is wearing a collar in public, so maybe it doesn't look quite as out-of-place as a dog collar? I don't know. Anyway, our use of them comes mostly from my husband's appreciation of BDSM. I like the look of some collars, and it can be kind of entertaining to fiddle with the dangling rings and such, but I don't wear them all that often (maybe a handful of times a month).


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I have a thick leather collar with a large bell attached to it that I wear for my Neko Maid cosplay and on occasion, just to be weird. Hehe ^^


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I got a black leather collar, I bought it this year.
Actually, my mother bought it, but she doesn't know I'm a furry.
I once wore it in school, reactions were almost entirely negative.
Still, I'm planning on wearing it when I'm out in public on my own.
At first, I like the feeling wearing something around my neck (not in a kinky way), and what would fit better than a collar?
It's also some kind of statement, after all, I want to express myself.
Another reason is, that maybe, and may there only be a little chance, another furry recognizes it.

PS: It doesn't have spikes, unlike the one in the pic.
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