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do you wear a collar, and why or why not?

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Though I get my kicks watching people make faces at me when I do, knowing full well what they're thinking and since they ARE thinking that they're no better x3

Hell, I even wear my pink one just to see people's faces! XD

It's one the perks you get with collars. :3


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I wear my leather collar to spite my dear mother. She thinks all furries are sickfucks and weirdophiles.
*brofist*don't care that I'm femaleAnyway, I had made one inspired by the webcomic Prydwen, after Mage Tristan's collar.Don't know why, it just calms me somewhat. I intend on buying one, maybe 'get my dog one' then use it when MY dear mother (who doesn't know yet) isn't looking (i.e put it on on the bus).Hey, that's a pretty good plan actually!


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I'm a human being. I see no reason to wear one.

...and if I were to buy into something like that, can you imagine how cumbersome a harness would be?? Not to mention stupid.
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I've never worn a collar, I did ask my ex to wear one once or twice though lol.


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Actually I do, but for a different reason than most I suppose. I'm a welder, and at work I find I often do welding overhead, which causes hot metal to drip down mostly on my neck. (I got a real nasty burn that way once.) I bought a cheapo regular black dog collar, and I wear it around my neck to hold my shirt cuffs around my neck. I usually leave it on when I go shopping and stuff after work becuaase I'm too lazy to change out of my coveralls, but I haven't had anybody mention it or anything before. A few people at my work commented on it, but generally saying that it was a good idea. Most of em use bulldog clips or safety pins or such instead.

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Sometimes here's one:



I have one that I wear occasionally. I like how it looks and it doesn't break as easily as a necklace would....I'm terrible at keeping things nice and un broken.

But I don't feel the need to wear it all the time. Just every once in a while or if I'm at a con or something.
The idea of walking around with collar in a public place is kinda silly. Though at conventions and meetups sound find to me. :U


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I used to wear a cat's collar as a bracelet when I was 5 or so, but that was the last time I honestly can say I have worn a collar.


I have a blue one, i sometimes wear it in private but i would wear it to meets i guess. I feel more like a kittie when i wear it even though it is a dog collar!


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I have a collar with black spikes on it. I wear it because it's not just the Furry subculture I fit into. No I don't wear to fell like an animal, I love my collar for fashion purposes.


I have a collar for my fursuit only. I don't however wear one outside of suit as I find it very uncomfortable.


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I used to wear one. It was something that I got as a gift from my ex when we first got together. I didn't wear it around much at first though. But we were together for 3 years, so for a lot of that time I did regularly wear it around. However I don't wear it at all anymore now though, as you might expect, sue to it having too many memories and emotions attached to it from someone who I am no longer with. It was very nice and stylish though. It was made of a very soft and smooth leather, with some subtle but elegant looking stitching, soft on the inside for comfort, and three white studs on each side of it. It actually suited me pretty well and fit in with whatever else I was wearing. It didn't stand out to much, and still looked good. It actually made some outfits of mine look even better and more complete (no, I didn't dress in leather or studded clothes or anything, but it actually went well with a strapless red dress). I'd get an occasional comment about it from a few people, but no one really cared. It was just something I wore.


I don't like things around my neck too tightly (this includes chokers, collars, and even turtle neck sweaters).
I did get interested in wearing a collar when I was a teenager though. So, I bought a really large dog collar that I was able to keep loose enough to not cause me a lot of discomfort. I didn't wear it often though because it was still a little uncomfortable to me.

Then one day I did wear it, one of my teachers disclosed to me how concerned she was about my mental health because I felt the need to wear an animal collar...So, I stopped wearing it completely.
I need to get a new one, buuuut.

Got one, I wear it for BDSM reasons with the boyfriend. Also 'cause I find them cute and kind of hot. I would never, ever, EVER wear it out in public though.


I have a black leather collar with studs that I wear pretty often.
I'm really used to wearing it and I find it kinda comfy. c':

Sure, I get weird looks often, but I really don't give a shit.


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I've tried a substitute for a "Collar of Esses" made out of 2x neocubes

It didn't feel uncomfortable or weird. It felt okay. But that's as far as I've gotten.
Although I would like to try a fur-lined collar, I'm not there yet.

Would probably not wear one in public anyway.
I prefer being discrete and I'd probably not be discrete wearing one.