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Do you.....


Hey, Assbutt
I used to do fundraising stuff for a Scottish charity called CHAS.

I should really get earning money and start donating to other charities since I was diagnosed with Early Onset Mortality (EOM). Luckily it is at an early stage, so I may still live a full and terrifying life.
I can always support without paying.
You know, sometimes kids come with papers and ask for donations to this and that charity.
I always donate. Sometimes five dollars, sometimes two and a half, sometimes one.
Though, if I am out and gone to a supermarket to buy some drink, I won't throw my wallet at the counter and donate everything.


The only two I remember making decent-sized donations to are Equality Now and the National Transplant Assistance Fund.

Other than that, I've occasionally dropped some loose change into the sad-puppy-shaped banks local animal shelters usually put in stores and restaurants, as well as those stand-up cards you put quarters in for leukemia research.


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I volunteer every summer at a place called MOCHA which does art programs for underpriveleged children. It's usually pretty fun.


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Even though I'm rather poor and should almost ask for charity myself (but I never will), I try and donate my loose change to any organization I come across when given the opportunity. I always feel bad about myself when I don't.

And this is why you have no friends :V


I always put my change in the donation boxes at fast food restaurants, for Children's Hospital etc. I use GoodSearch sometimes, idk how much that helps though. I donate to WWF when I can, as well as the ASPCA. I also donate clothes and food and time when I can.


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Hmm when i lived in ohio alot of my work money went to my volunteer services at the Ohio Wildlife Center where i cared for orphaned/injured wildlife i volunteered more then donated though but i got to see so many cute animals i liked the baby foxes and beavers they were like little fuzzballs with tails and there was a coyote named hope that i always liked to feed and play with in her pen with a chew toy.


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Let me clarify.

I don't like it when people are selfish all the time. Being selfish occasionally is fine. I can sometimes be selfish.
Define "occasionally"

To me, occasionally means "not very often." You not selfish most of your waking day? Sounds pretty awful.

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I donate to any good cause that has a background check. Gotta watch for fakes and reals


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I do much volunteer work for the Northeast Ohio Autism Group (NEOAG). It's an organization that hosts events and gives 100% of the proceeds to autism schools and services in the Northeast Ohio area. I help in the fundraising events, and I must say that it is wonderful to work with the kids and adults that I meet.

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Let me clarify.

I don't like it when people are selfish all the time. Being selfish occasionally is fine. I can sometimes be selfish.

But I don't understand... why do you believe that being selfish all the time is bad? Religion? Because someone told you so?

Or is there some way to logically deduce that people ought to be altruistic?


I've done bicycle rides for Multiple Sclerosis back when I was still in shape. Every once in a while I would donate to the Boy's and Girl's Club


I pitch in with charities when I have the spare change to. I don't volunteer, though, because when school starts (oh god kill me when it does) I'm neck-deep in homework every night anyway.


Long story short, nope.