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Do your dreams form a repeated world?

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When you Dream, does it visit the same places as the nights before? Are you always the same person? What are they like? Do you have a favorite place to be when you do dream?

Kit H. Ruppell

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I'm often able to levitate, I always look pretty much like I do in real life, and I ofen have a 'mission' to complete. Last night I had a futuristic dream that involved a building evacuation (convention center?). I felt like I had a few minor tasks to complete and then a personal score to settle in time for work. 'Work' was a convenience store in a less-sophisticated part of town.
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Same dream, slightly different details every time.

Every night, except for about 4 during the last 2 years, for as long as I can remember. Gets frustrating and old.


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Almost never. Last night was some odd exception where they continued on and off throughout the night. I was trying to date this fairy chick and she was super hot cept her eyes were scary but I didn't care. I don't remember how the dreams ended, but I think we might have fucked. Was really weird though, waking up and then resuming a dream upon going back to sleep.

Kit H. Ruppell

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I often have dreams that contain references to dreams I had long before, but they don't necessarily form a single world.


I do sometimes have dreams relating to each other (try to kiss a ghost girl in one and her boyfriend tries to kill me in another) but most of the time, the worlds are different but equally weird. Many dreams decide to switch worlds right in the middle of the dream.

Oh, I did have this sort of looping dream as well. Three different times, I started out as lion form Sora in a Tron world with a different partner and different events each time.

Sam 007 NL

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I sometimes have the EXACT dream twice.


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I've visited the same place a few times in my dreams, but not that often.


White Devil
my dreams are like they take place in a parallel universe or something, like i switch bodies with myself


Squeezing the Charmin
Most of my dreams seem to take place in similar locations... or at least with the same theme in them. The house I grew up in turns up a lot; a particular landscape featuring rolling, somewhat fantastical hills; and a recurring theme of a huge, dilapidated house that I'm buying or just moved in to. Sometimes that house features an enormous basement that's been on fire and full of embers and glowing coals. Some sort of reference to hell? Beats me.

I'd really like to find a landscape similar to the rolling hills I dream of... Some of the background art in Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County comes close.


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It's kind of hard for me to say. About 9/10 dreams I have feel palpable and genuinely real, sometimes I'm doing something that seems important or in a big fight with something, or talking with various beings and doing different types of magicks. Many of the places I visit seem kind of familiar, and many I visit multiple times. It gets weird and kind of interesting when I catch glimpses of my dreams when I'm awake. I may have to see someone about that.


My dreams are quite varied. Especially when lucid.
...dammit why can't I lucid dream anymore? T_T


No, but I do have dreams of becoming my fursona. I know that dreams are random but seeing actual Furries in them means you hit the dream jackpot!

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Occasionally I will have the same dreams but usually they are random as far as I can remember. From my memory the only recurring dreams I have had as an adolescent is a dream about eating Chinese food on top of a skyscraper watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade, and me as a detective at a flooded boy scout camp that had nude women swimming in the flood waters.


My dreams are always me crippled in full armour with a sword and an old tapestry crawling away from an abomination army ... its creepy and disturbing if your the one having the dream and what happens in the dream i feel when i wake up. but ehh after 4 years im use to it occasioonaly i will float in space rofl i know random


A huge number of my dreams take place in shopping malls. Or at least for part of the dream. It's never any mall in particular and they tend to be gigantic. Most recently I was with my friends in the mall trying to convince them to strip and run around which I proceeded to do.

My dreamsigns, for those of you in the know about that stuff, are contextual. In almost all of my dreams people are in places they shouldn't be or in roles they shouldn't be. For instance high school acquaintances will be hanging out with my cousin. Another strangely recurrent dreamsign is that whenever I look in a mirror I'll be wearing sunglasses. Man I love dreams.

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I don't think I can recall a single instance where my dreams have taken place in a similar realm to a previous one I've had. Maybe I have. It's too hard to tell.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

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I don't think so. I've witnessed an explosion of the sun from my cousin's house, Got taken by interplanetary toxic winds and ridden a dragon in a lucid dream. I do not think they've been in the same place, but it seems most of my dreams are either set in the far future or in the present


I don't dream that often. But if I did or if I could have lucid dreams, I would definitely visit my sexy murrsona wonderscape every night.


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I hardly dream. When I do I sometimes realise I am dreaming things I have before. For instance many of my dreams happen at my secondary school and one reccurring dream features a road, a room full of endless mechical ailses and a small 'house' made from burnt meat.


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Dont think i have ever had 2 dreams set in the same universe.


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I don't think I've ever had a dream set in the same place twice. However, I don't really "dream" much (by which I mean the part you remember when waking up), usually it's just fragments. Usually I'm the same person, with the two rare occasions I dreamed I was a woman which when I woke up sent me spiraling into oh god what the fuck.