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Do your parents support your artwork!!

Kubaki Fox

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my parents hate the tshirts i made. see attached.


Kurt Vonnegut.
When I draw, the drawings normally get used by me as coasters and mouse pads until they're completely drestroyed, so my parents never see anything I create.


The Pet Returning to the Wild
I think my parents find it a little weird, but they are rather supportive about my artwork. I use to ask my mom for critiques all the time. They are usually supportative of my hobbies.

They don't know that I'm working on artistic nudes and possibly adult stuff though. I think they would die. XP


Tattooing Is Life
My Mom has seen LOTS of my art. She walked in once while I was drawing a commission of some gay cabbits cuddling pen0rz. I asked her if the paws looked okay.

When I lived up there, she used to take my portfolio to work to show another guy there who's an artist. Now she just looks my username up on google to see what I'm up to. :p

My normal artwork, yes. i have stuff in two galleries right now, and it looks like I'm going to have a busy summer ^_^

My furry artwork they don't know about...except for Moose (NSFW). That was an accident.



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I'm not sure what my parents would think. I've never showed them my furry art, cept this one thing I did on the computer, and even though I thought it was crap, my mom loved it. Of course her drawing skills are that of a two year old, so yeah. I've never showed them any of my pencil drawings, only digital stuff.