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Does anybody else find it annoying following artists on Twitter?


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With sites like Furaffinity you can check your watch list any time, which makes it easy to find any great art that you might of missed if you're gone for say a week or two. With Twitter, you have to constantly check your feed everyday to view new art or you might miss it, as the Twitter feed is limited to 200 max (especially annoying when its filled with things I don't care about, like memes, political opinions and Gacha games). I'd rather just stick to furaffinity, but I've found some of the most amazing furry art exclusively on twitter (especially some of the Japanese/ Korean artwork). Does anybody else have this problem?


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I follow a couple of artists. Some of them only post about art-related things, but often times, it's about random stuff.

Some only tell you when their commissions are open through Twitter, which is pretty annoying, as it always gets buried by other tweets and I miss the time in which I can commission them.

I think a user I follow has the right idea: one account for personal tweets and one for art exclusively. But commissions are always advertised on both to reach the max number of people.

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Twitter is a secret plot to make people go insane.


One of the reasons I stopped using Twitter, actually. I found it annoying and almost stressful at times to keep up with artists and hated going through political or other shit all the time. I want to be able to just see new art people post, not make it feel like a chore.


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I didn't understand it right away when someone said 'Twitter was just the new Tumblr', but it's true. It's where all the tumblr artists congregated, especially after the porn ban.
Too much drama and abuse and no traction against companies that openly profit from pedophilia (the owner blocked me when I tried to bring it to his attention). They even tried to profit from the BLM protests.

I only made one because another artist insisted it was a good way to get your art out into the world- but that's a complete joke. Unless someone happens to look up your hashtags at the moment it's uploaded, no one is going to notice your art. And even then, twitter is usually the extension FROM your portfolio, not the actual site/gallery.

Not enough organization to make into a proper gallery. Ick. No thanks.


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I tried Twitter multiple times but just could not get into it. I find Instagram much, much easier for keeping an organized gallery of art I made, however it's hard to share animated art without overly complicated steps.
Not to mention that artists I follow usually just post their art and such which is what I'm looking for, and keep other kinds of posts to stories, which is also what I do.


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twitter is hot garbage compared to an actual art website like FA or DA. Really hope people mass migrate to a different website at some point.

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Yes. There are some great artists that only post to Twitter. I don't tweet. I hate the format of Twitter. It makes no sense.


It is extremely annoying. Twitter doesn't have a gallery or portfolio option, so if you want to see a lot of their work, you have to wade through a sea of unrelated tweets to find something.

And artists can tweet A LOT in just one day. Following an artist just isn't worth the trouble if they aren't using a reliable platform that allows you to view their work with some degree of convenience.


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Opinion as an artist: if you’re following me for art, you’re following me for the wrong reason. Yeah, I post art there. I also post specials and sales there. But Twitter isn’t a gallery, and I don’t use it as one. I know some artists try to, but they’re trying to reinvent the wheel. And many artists who seem like they’re using Twitter as a gallery will have a link to a website in their profile.

That said, if there’s an artist you *want* to see every post from, you can turn on notifications. They’ve probably got a Patreon where they archive stuff. But most social media was built around FOMO, and the idea that if platforms move fast enough, people will never put their phones down. You basically have to either use the tools it gives you to stay plugged in 24/7, or get comfortable with the fact that you’ll miss 70% of what’s posted.