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Does anyone else feel like that they learn art better if someone teaches it to you?


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I know that they are a lot of self taught artist out there but for me, the self taught route hasn't been working for me. I have always felt better when someone shows me what to do or what I am doing wrong and or improve and then I improve and eventually develop my own style from the skills I was taught. Now before you say it, yes i know: SOME THINGS CAN'T BE TAUGHT but it doesn't hurt to get some help on the things that can be taught


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Oh yes. I usually notice a stark improvement after a critique or redline. I just worry about bothering people for it.

Even watching or reading tutorials doesn't work the same for me, though they sometimes help.


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It's quite a tricky question since every learns at different paces as well as in different ways.
having gone through undergrad and grad school for 3D art and being a TA for 2 of those 7 years i can only give what i felt and how i have taught others.

There isn't so much as art "teaching" as there is art "mentoring" art is something that an individual inherently has to work on by them selves at the end of the day. the most effective way that I've learned is straight up making stuff and getting it critiqued. this is assuming you have grasped the basic understanding and know how of how to produce something with said software or medium.

Getting mentored from someone who does something similar or the same to you in my personal opinion is THE quickest way to learn for a few reasons:

1. they know all the obstacles you will face and can help you through them the proper way, or at least a way that works
2. they provide accurate and relevant critique to your work
3. a mentor is usually someone you look up to so naturally you will be more inspired and driven to produce work

those are just a few reason, currently right now i'm in an online workshop by Shane Olson (former Senior character sculptor and character department head on Disney Infinity) that is practically a mentorship and i love every moment of it and the other people in there are all just as awesome and fantastic.

if you don't know where to start, well I suggest looking for artwork that you LOVE, i mean LOVE, liking it is not enough, then get in contact with the artist, get to know them ask them where they get inspirations from etc, a true artist LOVE to share their work and will talk endlessly about it so don't be afraid