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Does anyone else have furry dreams?

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Like, having dreams of transforming into a furry.

I've had 3 of these dreams since I joined the fandom (1 month ago.)

Every one of them was a lucid dream, too, so they were very realistic and vivid dreams :D

2 of them was turning into a wolf / dragon anthro, I had black fur, a muzzle, wolf ears, red dragon claws, feet, and tail, a black raven wing (only one, it was on the right side of my back.), and red eyes.

The other dream was turning into a feral wolf. (Black fur, yellow eyes.)


I dreamt about turning into some sort of carnivore once, although I don't remember which... I remember struggling to try and eat raw, fresh meat.


I've had a few, yes. None of which were lucid, though. (I don't have lucid dreams.)


I dreamed that I was my main sona and that I was holding my mate because she was crying for some reason. It was a lovely dream because I felt so warm and secure.


heh yeah i have em all the time. I dream lucidly all the time and thats usually what i dream about i wrote a story about one of those dreams too.

Cool, currently, I am teaching myself to Lucidly dream, so far, I am going great, due to the fact that I used to lucid dream all the time when I was 10 years old :p


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Everytime I do I just end up cold and lonely in them, so I really don't like to dream that...


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i love having furry dreams i mainly have it of bieng a lion furry or fox/wolf furry haha its so realistic to like i want to keep dreaming all day haha


Yes, I've had a furry dream before. They made me want to take up parkour.

Everytime I do I just end up cold and lonely in them, so I really don't like to dream that...

*hug* :<


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Yes i have had furry dreams. some as simple as i am surfing the net and finding anthro art pictures i really like, To one where i Married a fur and dreamed of our wedding night and honeymoon, plus all the fun bedroom stuff that go's along with wedding nights and honeymoons.


i wish i had more, but if i want to dream about something i never do

there was one dream about a year ago that i still remember that i was a feral wolf/husky in

i'm trying to make furries more common in my dreams by wearing a collar when i sleep and stuff, and i think it's working so far!
they only ever show up for a few seconds each time though


I've had two that I can remember. Granted I don't remember all the small details but one I had I ended up doin the dirty with a drop-dead-gorgeous vixen and the other consisted of a party with a bunch of characters from FA and one character was eating a cauldron of chili.

I'm weird.


It was more like a nightmare, I had to fight one of things I made up, witch was powerful and evil in every way >.< . This nightmare happens now and again.
No I mostly dream about running people over with my car, maybe one day I'll dream about running over some furries, this will be the best dream :V .
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