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Does anyone else have furry dreams?

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I wish I could have those dreams.

Exactly how many people here can't lucid dream or can't remember their dreams at all?


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I do recall two dreams of interest. The first one I was fighting some elites as my fursona(frost). The second one was more recent. I was some soldier in mw2 and sgt. Foley would keep telling me to do random shit. "RAMIREZ, YIFF ME!!!" "...what".


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I occassionally have dreams of me being my fursona, these usually involve running or swimming real fast around greatly exaggerated versions of places I have never seen in person in the first place (for example a completely grey colored lifeless river in London, or a Warcraft III map(wtf...) complete with ballistas that try but never hit me).
Sometimes I dream as myself as human but still having the abilities of my fursona (like water breathing, or the hilarious effect of running at high speed quadripedally as a human...I lol about things like this when I wake up).

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as long as you stay good ^^

good. i hate when ppl yiff in here >.>

my dreams are meh. they usually have to do with:
medeival times
or anime

Funny thing, but a number of months ago, I dreamt I was a Soul Reaper (from Bleach). Had a really neat zanbakto named Tem Tem Boka, and like Kenpachi's blade, mine was in a state of permanent release. My zanbakto had the power to change its length, flexibility and sharpness at my will... with my signature attack involving a simple touch to the hilt, shortening the blade to several inches, so I could draw it from its sheath without notice (minimal movement, aided by my being right-handed and carrying my blade sheathed on my right hip), hiding my move behind my kimono and leg. Then, my leg as cover, I'd extend my zanbakto's blade into the ground next to my foot, only to have the blade errupt out of the ground underneath my opponent... yes, right from crotch all the way out the top of their head, if I wished. Not only this, but I could sharpen my zanbakto so sharp, I could cut a portal from the Soul Society to the World of the Living. Or dull the blade to where I could draw it across my own arm without leaving so much as a mark. Shame I never got to see what my bankai was like.........

Oh, and I also recently dreamt I was a transformer... and way back dreamt I had Dragon Ball powers.
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I had one last night where I was a raptorine dragon and was hanging out/running around with some friends. o__0


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I've had a lot, but only a few actually involve me being an anthro, where I'm either a dog or a deer. Most of them involve meeting giant dogs that can talk.

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so u listen to slayer? good on you mate! Do you like any other heavy metal bands by chance? (^^^)


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