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Does anyone else have this fetish?

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Hey, everyone. I dunno if here is the best place to put it, but here goes.
I have a fetish for merging. Y'know, people partially fused? Yeah.
Anyway, I wanna know if anyone else has the same fetish. Somebody's gotta.


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I laughed so much from all the links. this is beautiful.

So OP, you like Conjoined twins or do you like REALLY conjoined twins? Both NSFW...i think...

Also I never made myself more grossed out than googling images of this stuff. my dinner thanks you for its violent and messy escape.


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Lol everyone's taking the shit out of the OP, poor OP :c

Personally I don't find merging arousing, although the prospect of two organisms merging is rather fascinating none-the-less.
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Why do you want to find someone who has the same fetish as you?


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Obviously so they try it real life.

Oh god, I wonder if someone has done that before o_O like they tried sewing themself onto another person..or something. Then I realise what kind of a world we live in and the chances of someone actually having done that before is highly likely...
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