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Does anyone ever consider a Kigurumi sometimes?


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-Sorry in advance if this thread was already made by someone else-

So yeah I think everyone here understands just how pricey fursuits can get sometimes, and there are times where I consider getting a Kigurumi as a short-term option until the day I can finally get a fursuit. Do you guys ever seen these in conventions?

^The particular one I'd buy^

I don't know, all I'm saying is that it's $30 (most go for $50 or more.) :lol: I know that they won't appeal to every crowd out there but perhaps give it a ponder?
Suggestion to suit makers: If these are in demand, I'd so buy one in the cartoony image of my fursona. If you look at different designs some are lined with thick fur and others have light up designs.
In case anyone's interested: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/f2/20/fa/f220fa3d8a821afa20fd738b1d657ecf.jpg


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There are a few people who make custom ones on FA though I don't remember who they are so they're fairly popular among furries. They're also pretty easy to make on your own too.

Though you're more likely to see them at anime cons generally speaking.


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This is a cool idea. These ones on the link are averaging 60-70 bucks. So personalizing one to match your fursona I dare say would hike up that price conciderably. I would totally like to make one of mine (hutch) just to see how it turns out though, and to see the costs that come along with making it. If it turns out good and people want to buy them I will make you one for free lol. For the suggestion :)
good idea!!


Regardless how I feel about wearing an adult onesie, it would be real convenient on cold winter nights to have a wolf kigurumi.


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Wil: Thanks for the heads up, I'll be on the look out.
Hutch: Can't tell if you're just pulling my leg with that offer, but that would be very badass indeed. I'd still tip regardless!
Dar: I suppose it wouldn't feel too different from a snuggie haha.


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Hutch: Can't tell if you're just pulling my leg with that offer, but that would be very badass indeed. I'd still tip regardless!.

No pulling on my part :). I say that if you start making money on someone else's suggestion you need to reward them in some way :)
I will let you know how it turns out :)


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I saw some furs at an anime con recently. They were wearing them with their fursuit heads and paws. I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

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Funny you asked. My friend is currently making me one as a gift. She makes em pretty awesome.

Oops, didnt notice the thread date.
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