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Does anyone have extra Toyhouse codes?


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Hi! I've seen a lot of people using Toyhouse and thought that it would be a good resource to keep track of all of my characters! However, I don't have a code to join. I was wondering if anyone had any extra that'd they'd be ok with me using? And if so, could you please PM me? I only need one! Thank you for considering :)! I'm also willing to trade art.
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Same, I need a code too. Kind of dumb that you need a code for toyhouse, IMO. Such a good site to store characters and nobody can use it :C


Search through the Forums on toyhouse, I happened upon some posts with free codes. Look at any that say free codes!

Start here , good luck hunting! c:


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If anyone ever needs any codes, go to Deviantart! Lots of artists give away codes either by you donating, drawing something for them or simply asking! You could also visit the Toyhouse Discord, too.


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I can't believe it's still in beta.
I did some googling and found this though: Refsheet.net: Your Characters, Organized.
Not sure if anyone knows of anything better that is free AND functioning, in the meantime.
I love how refsheet looks and the simplicity of it. It's just sucks that it has so many glitches and suffers from slowness. I guess it's to be expected considering the site is run by one person, last I checked. It's a shame it hasn't been able to reach its full potential. I'd resort to Charahub if it was still around.

I have tried toyhouse but it was too complex for my taste. I ended up giving my account to someone else.


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Does anyone have a code for Toyhouse or know where I can find one?

Edit: Thank you. Got one
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I got one not long ago. I should use it heh.