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Does anyone still play Furcadia?


Just curious. I read about it in a Kotaku article and checked it out. It seems like there is a decent amount of players still on there. I used to hang out on The Palace a decade ago, and it seems pretty similar. I'm assuming it's like a social MMO kind of game.


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Haven't heard that name in a long time. I assumed it closed down.

All I remember from my time on it was walking around as a blue cat. There wasn't much to do when I played it so I forgot about it then when my PC I had it on went kaput, I never downloaded the game again because other things caught my interest and I forgot Furcadia existed lol



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I never heard of furcadia


i installed it..... played it walking around as a red blue fox..... for a bit... forgot about it....


It's an interesting little game. The graphics still run on a 32-bit format.

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I used to play this when I was a cringy little shit kid.

Now it's nothing but 600+ people in the adult section with 30 people spread throughout G - pg 13 areas