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Does anyone's fursona resemble them at all?


My hippo fursona looks a bit like me, mostly the body structure and hair color. My dragon one looks like me if I was about 100s thinner mostly because she is my idealized self and part human.


Cake-flavoured Meerkat
Rei, My fursona, represents me as an artist and a free creative mind. She also represents the more random and out there aspects of my personality.


The Monster Under Your Bed
well, he is a good representation of what i will look like later. if you looked at him, and then at the real me, the only difference is that he is slightly more muscular than me, the hair is slightly different, and he has a tail, scales and horns >_>


Hungry Hungry Hippo!!
My fursona looks like me in as much as I'm a big fat lardass, but other than that I can't say I look much like a hippo!


Confused fur
hmmm I think jacks like me the only differnece (other than obvious species ones) are A) i dont wear a collar (yeah my mum would kill me if i did)
B) he is slightly skinnier (and i do mean slightly i usauly dont have lunch at school)


is awaiting salvation
Yeah, skinny and short, usually holding a stick of one of several types of burning plant material, has a large mole on his left cheek, short hair, listens to drum and bass and dubstep, can pop-and-lock/liquid dance like the devil is in him, wears hoodies and relaxed fit cargo pants...yeah, pretty much exactly me. XD


New Member
Mine resembles me in height and build (or used to, kinda let myself go but have been working back into shape), but aside from that, nada.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
My new fursona is close resemblance. Though some time to draw a decent sketch of him might be hard to come by.


Tests on animals.
Since my fursona is human and me? Yes I would have to say it does. I was actually getting around to making an actual fursona, but I can't decide on a species. I mean I like the idea of canines and felines, but Jesus they are overused. Maybe something way the hell out there like a personified botulism bacteria or something? If I did that I could just draw a can of green beans with legs!


i would say mine does. Long hair, dark clothes, blank expression. Only im a bit bigger and wear big black boots (not real leather obviosly).